Sunday Stuff

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0 yards
Fabric Out: -.94 yards
Net Fabric: -.94 yards
Fabric YTD: +28.40 yards
Spending YTD: $1470.40

In: Just a new pattern. Look at this awesome mini! Modern Mandala

Out: I didn’t get a lot done since we were out of town more than in this week. But I did start on my June WOOFA, Spirit of America by Buttermilk Basin. Ignore the mistake in the 2nd photo, it will be fixed as soon as I get back home! 

Ripples is spreading it’s rings across the quilt! 


We are traveling home today from a wedding weekend.
Our friend’s daughter said “I do”!
So it’s highly likely I am knitting while riding home. 

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 54,989 yards/287 skeins
Knitted: 254 yards/1 skeins
Purchased: 440 yards/2 skeins
Ending Stash: 55,243 yards/288 skeins
Spending YTD: $63.75

In: Superwash yarn for baby hats! 

Out: Pumpkin Hat for my baby’s baby, and start on Christmas Hat for our Baby B.


  1. 2021 UFO #5 Autumn Reign
  2. Guild BOM
  3. Quilts Plus BOM Quilt-Little Sister’s
  4. WOOFA-Buttermilk Basin America Mini
  5. WOOFA May-Ripples √
  6. Table Scraps-Winky Pop
  7. Squirrel
  8. Placemats
  9. Mug Rugs
  10. Charity Quilt
  11. Regina Marie Shawl
  12. Knit Baby Pumpkin Hat #2
  13. Baby’s First Sweater-we find out the gender!!
  14. Extra: Baby’s Christmas Hat /

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Stuff

  1. Oh, do you know I had to look hard and long to see your “mistake”. It’s funny how the eyes trick us. Ripples is stunning!

    1. Thanks. I am planning on the Beads/Chandelier pattern, I believe you are making blocks for RSC with the same pattern. But no colors until the gender reveal and nursery colors are set.


  2. Love the pumpkin hat, Chris!
    You did an awesome quilting
    Ins’t it interesting that some “opsss” we only see when we take the photo? This always happens to me.
    Happy return and safe travel

  3. You are well on your way with a great start to the month even when traveling! Pretty projects to allure you!

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