A call for Prayer

Today I want to give praise for the better health Diva has been experiencing. Not as nauseous, no low blood-pressure scares. She is now dealing with leg swelling, so we pray that this isn’t a sign of something worrisome and is just normal pregnancy issues. And I want to hear updates if you have them. My SIL isn’t in a lot of pain, so we are thankful for that. Just need her bones to heal enough to do the bone graft as soon as possible.

Marsha, prayers your daughter is getting the attention she needs. Cindy, I hope your visit with your son is making new memories! Sara, I have been praying for your BIL with ALS and his caregivers. Barbara, Continued prayers for Dan’s co-worker and his wife.

I also pray for our country and her leaders. All political parties and ideologies. If we can’t learn to work together we are doomed to fail. These tantrums, from all sides, when they don’t get their way are ridiculous. And I am not just talking the politicians, everyday neighbors and friends, dividing their lives over politics, sheesh, grow up people! Sorry, getting on a soap box there. I’ll sit down now. LOL.

9 thoughts on “A call for Prayer

  1. Good news about Diva and hopefully her leg swelling will turn out to be a normal occurrence. I’m hoping your SIL will heal quickly and that her bone graft will be successful.

  2. Great report on those who might be suffering. My depression was attributed to very low Vitamin D. Getting better quickly because in South Texas the nice hot sun will yield 10,000IU of D for every 10 minutes I sit in the sun! Better than taking a pill.

    Have Diva cut out all salt and no eating out – drink water and she might get the swelling to go down. I quit eating salt on my food when I was 18. Watch the salt.

    Pray that she gets better! Hugs

    1. Prayers you will be full sun forever. Diva has been drinking tons of water since they found out, she has a water bottle attached to her hand. 🤣 Thanks!


  3. I’m glad your daughter is feeling better. I’ll continue to pray though:)
    Our country is in quite a bit of turmoil. I’ve been hoping that those in charge will come together for the good of all. It seems they can’t see beyond their own interests.

  4. It’s your platform–soapbox away!!! Thank you for the prayers. I’m glad to hear your daughter is doing moderately better–it is quite an adjustment for her body!

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