Friday FOs or No

It’s another Friday Finish! And one I hadn’t even planned to finish. But that’s OK, I’ll take it! Tonight I am taking dinner to the neighbor new parents. Well, they’re not really new parents, more like 4th time for him, 3rd time for her parents.

Back at the start of 2020 I took part in a BOM through Quilts Plus in Lebanon, IN. As the months went by I started making extras, so I would have enough for a boy and girl quilt for the neighbor’s two kids. And then not long into 2020 we found out, they were having a 3rd! So I added more blocks once I found out it was to be another girl. First I finished Big Sister’s Quilt. 

And now it was time to finish Baby Sister’s Quilt, so I can take at least these 2 finishes with me when I deliver Pizza. 

Blocks to Borders

Edge to Edge Feather motifs

The reason for having Big Sister’s quilt ready when I drop off Baby Sister’s, is because FiGo (Big Sis) thinks EVERYONE’S stuff is HERS! She tends to take ALL THE THINGS!! LOL. I am hoping if I give her a blanket of her own, she will leave IrGo’s alone. Probably not, but it’s worth a shot. 

The Panto I used is a very open one, so I am hoping this will be soft and drapey. Heather is a deep motif so it only takes a few passes over a baby sized quilt to be done. But because of the depth of the design, it takes a little longer to make each pass. So it all equals out in the end. The back is pieced because I under bought!! Oy! But it’s all good, it’s done and that’s the most important thing. I will report back after gifting them to let you know if IrGo gets to keep her quilt. And maybe I can get middle brother BraGo’s done before too much more time passes. But first, I need to head south to be with family for the Gender Reveal on Sunday!! I CAN’T WAIT! 

25 thoughts on “Friday FOs or No

  1. A great idea, to give the big sister her own quilt. I’ve done that too. Enjoy the gender reveal and family time!!

  2. Well done. They are sure to love them. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday.

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