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Friday FOs or No

This week has been brutal! I was sewing all day Monday with Guild friends, then that night went off for Quilt Therapy. In between that I did throw Autumn Reign on Gigi and got a start on quilting.

I knew I wanted to do a curved crosshatch in the setting squares and straight line quilting on the blocks. Each block was quilted as I came to it with no prep or planning. I just started quilting lines across the blocks and angled them here and there. It just seemed to work. I hoped to finish up the quilting, but Tuesday was cut short as we drove a few hours south to attend a concert. The first of the season. We saw STYX!!!! Oh memories of my youth were quickly brought to the surface. Sigh. They put on a great show and the venue and weather were perfect. So excited to see them again in August with our hometown friends.

Wednesday was the day to continuing quilting. Only, Diva’s house experienced a power outage and we headed over so Hubster could troubleshoot. By the time I got home it was time to do dinner and then run to get my parents and sister from the airport. So, no quilting. And then Thursday was take my parents home, hair cut, pick up concert tickets, drop into Sew Tech to buy a baby panel, and back home that night, so, no quilting happened.

Diva gave this one the OK. I plan to just cut the oval out and place blocks in her color scheme around the panel. Then I will cut each number out as a square and finish them individually, or include them in the block border around the panel. I need to play with the idea in EQ8.

So no finish this week, unless I can claim these small finishes.

Key fobs for a buddy.

And then….
Christmas Elf

Another Christmas Elf hat, this one for Diva’s future nephew.

And now to end the week with just as much bang, we have events every day until Monday. Then I think I will take a nice long week of recovery, except for those days I have someplace to be, which is thankfully only 2 days next week! LOL Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

32 thoughts on “Friday FOs or No

    1. Thank you! I promise, I am going to the post office today to mail your pouch. Life has taken a turn these last few months which has me off my game. I do apologize!!! > >

  1. Awesome quilting on Autumn Reign!!! Boy, I’m tired just reading everything you accomplished! Sounds like a great week all around!

  2. Very pretty quilting on Autumn Reign! You’ve had some interruptions! We have some of those days coming up, and I’ll be itching to get back to the sewing room.

  3. Wow so many pretty things and I love the curved cross hatch and that baby elf hat!!! So talented!

  4. Wait – what???!!! You got to go to a concert??!! A real one – with a band that I’ve heard of – and it was like old times??!! Yippee! Love the quilting, especially the curved crosshatch. It looks fab-u-lous. Yup, that stopping for the baby panel was important – hahahahaha! But you got the go-ahead. The baby ideas are just swimming in your head, aren’t they?! Oh, to make them all would also be fab-u-lous. At some point, you will use just a wee bit of restraint but not yet. You’ve got a baby on the way to spoil. World’s best grandma award has to be given to someone – might as well be you, right?! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. You are too funny!!! I’m not going for the World’s Best, just Baby EC’s Best Maternal G!! Bwahahahaha!!! I want her to love both her G’ma’s and extra G’ma, my sister. She has been a mom to both of my girls, so she deserves honorary G’ma. Thanks Chicka! > >

  5. Love the quilting design! Lucky you, Styx! I have every album on vinyl! Of course, right now I don’t have a working turn table.

    1. Yes, we were thrilled, I have had numerous records and cassettes over the years, now I need to go back and get the CDs, or just get Apple Music even though I am trying to not join! LOL. Thanks > >

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