To-Do Tuesday

Let’s Party

Last Week:

  1. Now that Autumn Reign is sandwiched, start quilting! √
  2. Finish Christmas Elf hat √
  3. Cut away the backs of appliqué blocks /
  4. Start Angel Sweater for Baby EC X
  5. Finish key fobs for my bud √
  6. Extra: Pieced Charity Top /
  7. Extra: Pumpkin Hat /

Autumn Reign was the focus this week, but I did find time to work on some other items.

This Week

  1. Work on July Goal list
  2. Quilt Spirit of America
  3. Quilt Brago’s top
  4. Quilt Sailboat Mini

I am getting behind in my quilting, so that’s the focus this week. A table runner, a baby quilt, and a mini, all easily doable. I doubt the knitting wishes on the list will get done by the end of June, since it is tomorrow, but they can go on to the list for July. So, what’s on your Tuesday list? Please share with the Linky Party this week!

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So, I did a thing this past week. I finished the 2021 UFO June selection just in time! I was dragging my feet to start the quilting because I just didn’t have a plan. Oh, I knew I was going to quilt curved crosshatching in the setting squares, but no clue what the blocks were going to get. So, I started by doing a row of the CCH and then it was time to address the blocks. And I just grabbed my straight edge and started criss-crossing the blocks willy nilly. Sometimes I got it right, sometimes I made the best of it. But after all is said and done, texture is the emphasis, and texture it has.

Once the center was done, it was time to consider the border. I had wanted to use a new ruler to make a cable design on the piano keys, but I need to do a little bit more practice with that ruler. Instead I fell back to a design I used on a favorite piece, Harvest Time. This time I stitched in the ditch and added circles every other key.

And with the border done it was time to bind it in the same purple as the inner border and prepare it for a photo shoot! I love it! With all of its wobbly lines, curse you thick seams!, and over-stitched lines. Sometimes you just have to retrace your path. But as always, done is better than perfect, and this one is done!

35 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday

  1. What a great job on your quilting, Chris! This quilt is just beautiful. See you tomorrow for the linkup!

  2. Hi Chris! Oooh, thanks for all the nice closeup pictures of your quilting!! Your random criss-cross looks fabulous to me. While you say there wasn’t a plan at all, it looks quite cohesive to me. I imagine the texture is just fab! And the piano keys with circles every other one looks so cool. Brilliant! I’m going to PIN this so I remember to give it a try myself. {{Hugs}} Thanks for the linky party, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Roseanne! I wish I had remembered how I did some circles off the edge on the Harvest Time version. I remembered too late to do it on all 4 sides. Oh well, it’s done and I won’t regret my choices, just file them away for the next time! > >

    1. Thank you Linda! I’m so glad I finally stopped making the Moda Blocks and finished the top with the blocks I had. I don’t know that I would lasted making more! > >

  3. “Willy Nilly Quilting” turned out very effectively on this quilt, Chris! It looks great. Planning is overrated — sometimes you have to just go for it and make things up as you go along.

  4. Autumn Reign came out lovely! The quilting, the piecing, the color selection made for a spectacular quilt! I’ve enjoyed seeing your progress!

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