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To-Do Tuesday

Let’s Party!

Last Week:

  1. Ten Pocket Tote √
  2. Drive parents home/hair cut √
  3. Knit for Baby EC √
  4. Get Oh My Stars on Gigi √
  5. Extra: Enjoy spending time with the family at the lake √

Only 2 things to show, my 10 Pocket Tote and Baby EC’s sweater. It was a busy week. I did manage to get my Oh My Stars quilted, but that’s for TGIFF, which I am hosting this week!! Also, lots of puppy pictures! 

  1. I will be happy to just get a myself packed for Florida. 
  2. The plan is to work on the July Table Scraps-Millbank 
  3. I will not get anything else done that was on my list. I have too much to do and too little time. 
  4. The most important item on my list is to have a wonderful vacation with Diva for a few days and then Hubster will join me. 

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The 10 Pocket Tote was my WOOFA for this month. I love the first one I made and thought, of course I need a second one! LOL.

I used a heavier fabric than quilter’s cotton for the bag’s exterior. The interior is a mix of 2 cottons, a Winkipop green stripe and a cream swirl fabric. I love the cotton webbing trim this pattern uses!! I did modify this bag to have the interior pocket bisect the bag and float in the middle. The pattern has you make the pouch the same width as the bag and tack it to the lining on the side. That seems limiting to me for the use of the “pockets” it creates, now I can keep  knitting projects separate.

33 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday

  1. Enjoy your vacation! If that’s your view from you back deck, that would be a vaca for me!! Have fun.

  2. I could be interested in being hostess for the linky. Send me an email about details. Enjoy your vacay!

  3. That baby sweater is just so cute! I really need to try knitting an actual garment for once!

    1. For about 15 minutes today I considered starting my Table Scraps project, but decided it’s just going with me to Florida, surely I can finish it in 2 days? > >

  4. I love your tote and little sweater, and can’t wait to see Oh My Stars quilted! Have a wonderful vacation with your Diva and your hubby!

  5. Your finishes look great. I love seeing the lake pictures and the dogs. (Do I miss owning a dog, yes. Do I want one? Probably not.) Hope you can get everything you need to do, done.

  6. What a pretty tote! I think it’s perfect for your knitting and I like your zipper pocket adaptation! So smart! The pictures of the kids laying around cracked me up. They can just sleep anywhere.

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