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To-Do Tuesday

Last Week: There really wasn’t a last week, so I am starting from scratch. But I did manage to start a guild challenge on Friday and finish it on Sunday. 

This WeeK:

  1. Pack for Retreat
  2. Go to Retreat
  3. Sew at Retreat
  4. Have fun at Retreat
  5. Come home from Retreat rested and rejuvinated
  6. Pray for Diva and the baby

At this point they feel Diva’s issues are Uterine Iratibility. There are several causes and no real solution. The meds they have her on wear out after 5 hours and take an hour to cover the pain once her 6 hour dosage is applied. So, she is not having a good time right now. But if it means baby is going to stay put a little/long while we are prepared to help her through this stage. It’s a lot better than expecting the baby to come anyway, but there is still that possibility. So we wait. Continued prayers are VERY welcome! We will get through this with grace from God, and appreciate the intersessions on our behalf. Diva told me the other day she felt the prayers and good thoughts, no doubt in her mind.

As of the time of this writing, Monday afternoon, she was going to be weaned off the meds to see what happens with the cramping. Hopefully at the time you are reading this we have a better understanding of what the rest of the pregnancy may look like. Fingers crossed the uterine cramping subsides. Thank you!

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26 thoughts on “To-Do Tuesday

  1. I’m just getting caught up on your posts from the last week, Chris! What a time you and your family have had. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and your mom is doing well, too. Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts for Diva and the baby! Meanwhile, I’m glad you’ve gotten in a little stitching therapy – the guild challenge runner is beautiful. Enjoy your retreat this week!

      1. Thank you Linda, it has been a hard few months, but we are coming out of it stronger in faith and knowledge. And the love we have felt from all of the prayers has been phenomenal! It was what got Diva through quite a few scary moments. > >

  2. You are definitely ready for some better news. Hope the cramping subsides for Diva and she and baby are able to rest until delivery. Enjoy your retreat! Keeping you all in my prayers!

    1. Thank you Judy. Momma and baby are home, baby is still secure in her momma’s belly!!! They have no answers as to why this happened, but they are confident they can avoid a preterm labor for a while longer. > >

  3. Hi Chris!! That guild challenge piece is so pretty. I love all those fabrics you chose – what doesn’t go with gray Grunge?!! Obviously, God has his arms around both Diva and E. I’m going to continue to ask for that – we want the baby to cook longer and Diva to not feel stressed or pain. My fingers, toes, eyes, legs, and arms are crossed for good news. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Yes, it’s a table runner. Thank you. I had the vision from the first announcement of the challenge in July, but just wasn’t ready to start until August. And then my August went south! LOL. > >

  4. Since my daughter’s BF got a job and I now have to watch the young grandchildren while they both work, my sewing and crafting time has gone way down.
    I see pack for the retreat on your list. Funny! I put that on my list too. My retreat is Sept. 24th and 25th, but I want to know I’m ready.

    1. What a wonderful thing you are doing for your daughter. Sorry it’s eating into your craft time! I will be having fun starting tomorrow and all the way to Sunday! Let the retreat begin. > >

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