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To Do Tuesday

Last Week

  1. Fox and Geese-don’t leave it hanging! X
  2. WOOFA-Miranda Day Bag /
  3. Squirrel-Definitely a SQUIRREL! /
  4. Finish the placemat /
  5. Use up some of the 4 yards I bought yesterday!! Ack! X
  6. Funeral for my cousin √
  7. Squirrel 2-Microwave Cozies √
  8. Guild BOM √
  9. EC’s Baby Dress /
  10. Move ScientistGirl and ElectricGuy √
  11. Scrap Block from leftovers /

No quilting this week, too busy! I am waiting for webbing to make the strap for my sister’s Miranda Day Bag. I left town before it arrived. A squirrel made it’s way into my life! A Feathered Star waiting for borders. The placemat is pieced, but nothing on using any of the fabric I bought this week! Unfortunately the funeral took place, but I so wished it had not been on my schedule. I needed a filler project so I started some bowl cozies for family. I did get my BOM done and might make another. I knit on EC’s dress while watching high school soccer. The young marrieds moved into their new home Saturday, oh my aching body!! What a wonderful time for them. And I used up some HSTs I cut from the micro cozies I was making to do a little block. It might become a table mat.

This Week: 

  1. Baby dress knitting
  2. Try to get some quilting done the 1 day I will be at home
  3. Shop and pack for camping
  4. Go camping!!

I am back in my hometown right now, I came in on Sunday. My mom is back in the hospital and I had to come in for hair cut. Plus, my sister needed someone here to support her. I brought my machine and have been making bowl cozies. Once I get home I might throw Fox and Geese on Gigi to quilt a few blocks. Maybe not. LOL. Utmost is grocery shop and pack for camping, and take off!! Our favorite weekend of the year is at hand!!! I will take knitting, but not the machine, too much fun to be had!


A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

15 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. Hi Chris! That feathered star block – WOWEE! How big or I should say little are those HSTs??!! Yowza. I just LOVE that last block you shared. HSTs are so darn versatile, aren’t they?! I’m so sorry about the funeral – I was thinking about you and your family all week. {{Hugs}} That’s a tough one. So glad the move is behind you all now – she can get settled and nested before E makes her arrival in another six weeks. That really isn’t that far away! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thankfully those HSTs are foundation pieced!! 😂 I think they are 3/4” finished, 😳 We made it through the day, lots of tears, but lots of laughs. Someday I’m going to pull out my 2.5” squares and just start making HSTs until I have enough to create something fun! Thank you for the prayers my friend!


  2. I still LOVE the feathered star! The bowl cozies are really cute. Congrats to the young marrieds and their new place. Hope your Mom gets better soon. Have fun camping!
    Thanks for joining in on To Do Tuesday. 😀

    1. I was hoping to have that star bordered and ready to quilt, but today was a busy day. But now I am home and nothing to do but get groceries and pack for camping tomorrow. So, maybe I will get it prepped tomorrow? LOL > >

  3. sounds like you have a lot on your plate and need to step back and breath – sorry about a funeral and that you sister needs help –

    1. Mom’s pacemaker is not working with the heart right now, they are trying meds first before focusing on the pacemaker. Hopefully they will get it cleared. Thanks! We can’t wait for the weekend! > >

    1. Thank you Nanette, we are ready for some good things for a change! But in between the bad have been some wonderful days, so we are trying to not complain about our lot right now. > >

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