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Friday FO or No?

Wow, who knew that when I made my post last Friday that I would be watching my grand-daughter make her appearance that night. What a wonderful experience that was!!! And now we have marked our first week with her in our lives and our first Holiday. What a wonderful gift we have been given.

Our menu was a little different than tradition. We had Filet Mignon, twice baked potatoes, roast veggies, and dessert. The dessert options were pumpkin pies, that I forgot to add sugar to, and cheesecake!! So Thankful I ordered the cheesecake!! We did a craft, but only had enough rope to make 1! Wish that tutorial had actually included yardages! And our dinner table was full!!

Before all the prep for Thanksgiving I got some sewing done. I started my tablescraps project on Tuesday while sewing with friends and was able to get the top and back made by early evening on Wednesday. I had a few charm packs with red and cream pieces that I was planning to use for an Orange Peel table topper. But, I only had enough to make 16 blocks and I needed 24 blocks. So, I started with 12 blocks, but it just wasn’t enough.

So I went back to the charm pack and picked out some other colors and neutrals. I made 12 more blocks and then was ready to play with my design. The dilemma was, how to arrange them!!! I can’t do scrappy very well. But I went to the mat and changed pieces here and there until I was happy with the layout. And then invariably I make a misstep and, oh well! LOL. 

Once it was pieced I got going on the borders. I had a piece that I was dying to use since all the colors in the peels are in the border fabric. Love it!

And then I cobbled together a back by using up some of the remaining squares and border fabric. Now to find time to quilt it! 

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A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

12 thoughts on “Friday FO or No?

  1. I’m so happy for you! How wonderful that everything went well with the birth and the little precious bundle of joy is in good health! Is that Diva holding the baby? She looks so pretty!
    Your meal looks delicious. The pies remind me that back in the 1990s we hosted some friends for Thanksgiving, and the wife and I both had sinus infections and felt miserable. I guess I was so miserable that I forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin pie, just like you! We still laugh about that.
    Your table topper is pretty with those lovely orange peels. I need to try those sometime.

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