To Do Tuesday

I am back to posting on Tuesday. Life has definitely calmed down around here!

Last Week:

  1. Quilting, anything √
  2. Baby Snuggles!!! √√√√√
  3. Orange Peel Tablescraps /
  4. Thanksgiving with the fam! √
  5. Burp Cloths √
  6. Rope Bowls √
  7. Extra: Finished Feathered Star √
  8. Extra: EC Baby Dress /
  9. Extra: EC Christmas Dress /

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

Charity baby quilt for Tummy Time, our full table on Thanksgiving, and a new project, Orange Peel table topper.

We tried to do a craft, we only had enough rope for 1 pumpkin. LOL. Yummy steaks prepared by Hubster, and the cheesecake that saved the day, since I forgot to add sugar to the pumpkin pie mix! Bwahahaha!!!

The last of the burp cloths, I am out of fabric. LOL! And then I decided to make some rope bowls and trivets for the girls and I.

Quilting happened on the Feathered Star project-I need to stretch it on the wood bars, and I knit while relaxing on Sunday evening, the dress is almost done!! And the Christmas sweater was started.

Next Week:

  1. Quilt all the things!
  2. Finish EC’s baby dress
  3. Work on EC’s Christmas sweater

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16 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. I’m so happy for you! Nothing beats baby snuggles. That little dress is so pretty. I’m going to have to research back on your blog and find the Feathered Star and make it! It’s beautiful!
    Thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday! 🙂

    1. For those interested, the pattern is from Cindi Edgerton called Little Bits Feathered Star. Its tissue paper pieced. I only did the star, not the surrounding Flying Geese.


  2. Hi Chris! Lots accomplished and I especially love all the checkmarks after baby snuggles. Ooh, the Christmas sweater for EC is such a pretty red. Her dress is so little but then, of course, so is she! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I’m sorry….you lost me at “…I’m out of fabric!” Does that actually happen?!? LOL. Beautiful projects as always and I’m sitting here all jelly of your great progress!

    1. LOL! Well, I thought I was out of flannel for the burp cloths, but I found a remnant today in the stash! Enough to make 1 more burp cloth and then two bunny ears teething rings! I just need to find some crinkle fabric for the bunny ears. > >

  4. Enjoyed your Thanksgiving post! Family time, baby cuddles, good progress on your projects. I had a pumpkin pie sugar snafu too! You had an excuse, a baby to hold! I had no excuse! I did try adding maple syrup to the filling and eating it like custard on one pie! It worked. Couldn’t do that for both pies, and my guys said “no way!”.

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