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Friday Fo!!

More knitting, less quilting, but I did stop at a quilt shop, so that counts for something?

As I traveled south to stay with my parents this week I dropped in to a new to me shop. Rockin’ Bobbin is located in Sullivan, IN and it’s a great little shop! She has a lot of different genres and a little of this and that. Of course I had to get some Kim Diehl FQs!!! And trying to beef up my red options for scrapy stuff, plus just grabbed whatever took my fancy. I love the apple trivet/hot pad? And couldn’t resist the Christmasy charm pack. Not sure what any of these will become, but the two neutrals on the right just couldn’t be passed up. I have NO clue what I am going to do with them, but had to grab them.

While visiting with the parents I finished a charity hat and started a cabled hat for a guild friend’s great-grand-daughter. I am redoing this hat by only cabling over 9 sts instead of 12. I am shooting for a young child size. I only ribbed 4″ of brim and then started the cables.

I am not usually a fan of non-wool yarns, but this one is not bad. It says it’s “Premium” Acrylic. Well la-di-da! LOL I have a big poof to top it off when done, it’s a perfect shade for the yarn. And with the leftovers from this large skein I will make a similar hat for Squish.

So that’s all I have to offer, I guess a FO and a NOFO. Hopefully today will find me in my studio and some sewing will get done!

17 thoughts on “Friday Fo!!

  1. I too have been knitting charity hats this year (a few years ago it was knit scarves). Both those hats look great! Found your from Wendy’s Peacock Party. We seem to like the same things: quilting & knitting. While I too love wool yarn to knit with, it has to be Merino only for me or I itch! So I guess I will be using non wool or Merino for hats and scarves I donate. I will use up my wool feltable yarn to make yarn dryer balls or other things I want to felt. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Chris! Oh, that Heartland yarn is such a pretty color. Squish will look good in that color . . . and probably in all colors!! How fun to find a new-to-you QS. Gorgeous FQs. Isn’t it fun to just shop and pick up things that call to you? Midnight Clear isn’t too over-the-top Christmas – can’t wait to see what you make with it. Did your sister enjoy meeting Ms. Squish?? How could she not?!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Yes, I believe she will look gorgeous in any color. Hoping she gets Diva’s coloring and not Dad’s, he’s too blonde and burns easily. Diva tans beautifully. My sister LOVED meeting Squish!!! > >

  3. Lovely new fabrics. Great hat too. I’ve never been a big fan of acrylic because it pilled but I’ve recently seen the label of “premium” on a web site. I’d rather use up yarn than acquire yarn these days.

    1. Acrylic always made my wrists hurt, but this one doesn’t seem to cause issues. I need to stop buying yarn!! But I don’t have a lot of baby yarns, so I need to supplement here and there. > >

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