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Friday Fo/No

Hey all! It’s been a week! It’s not been a bad week, except for my spending, gah!

I had to return the shoes on the left for a smaller size and found the others. ❤️ And then I visited the baby section❣️ Bad G, bad G! Diva told me they’re going to have to have another girl to use all the clothes I’ve bought Squish! I’m just trying to find good buys. I know that blue striped sleep sack is for a “boy”, but it was CHEAP!

I did a Stressed to Refreshed program this week. It started with a talk and then a 10 minute video of Yoga. I’ve added each section to the others for a daily routine that’s more than just the 10 minutes. Plus, still riding my stationary bike 4-5 miles a day.

In the studio I loaded a charity quilt on the frame and just started making random lines. The top is a pieced football design, so I hope the lines replicate the run patterns of a football play. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! But I can’t imagine my “plays” would actually result in a touchdown. Bwahahaha!!!

Tonight we’re meeting the kids to celebrate my birthday(Sunday). So happy to be with them when we can manage. SG/EG now live 1.5 hours away, so it isn’t easy, but it doesn’t stop us from gathering. Diva, Squish, and CG live 50 minutes away, but it’s basically just on the other side of Indianapolis. The best thing is…Squish is spending the night!!! Yippee! Well, wait until Saturday morning and I will let you know how much fun we had.

I did sneak in a little finish. One day when I was straightening the studio I came across some webbing that is intended for key fobs, and it sparked the memory of a perfect fabric for both colors! I now have two new fobs for my keys.

16 thoughts on “Friday Fo/No

  1. I like the random lines on the quilt. Our daughter lives 55 miles away, and it would be nice to be closer during her divorce, but for now we will live with an hour away. It’s a lot better than the 3-1/2 hours it was before. Hope your stress reduction measures work out for you!

  2. Granddaughters are fun to buy and sew for! They do grow so fast! Glad your kids are relatively close. Our son is 2.5 days away by car. Our daughter and granddaughter are 3 days but car! It’s way to far. Happy Birthday!

  3. Shopping for grandbabies is more dangerous than yarn shopping!
    Love the football quilt and the lines idea.
    Hope you have a wonderful night with Squish and a very happy birthday!

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