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Friday Fo/No

Good Friday Morning!!! It’s been a glorious week full of Squish and even some quilting and sewing! So, what did I get done?

Sleeping baby was one of my biggest accomplishments. LOL

Excuse my “readers” condition, I only wear them around the house, not out. LOL

Once Squish went home I went up to the studio to work on my projects. I got half the appliqué top quilted, got through more than half of my blocks for next week’s 2022 RR, and last night I got a request from ScientistGirl. She’s leaving on a week long trip with the Navy for her job. We don’t know where she’s going, it’s top secret, and she’s limited on what she can take. So, she needed something she can hang from a lanyard to store her ID, driver’s license, credit cards, money. I got to work and came up with this little pouch.

There’s a clear side for her ID and a cloth side to disguise items. Nothing fancy, but I could kick myself for not matching the stripes on the clear side. Oy! And, I got it a little snug, the cards need wiggling to get in and out. But it’ll do for a week.

OK, now the big show! One of those days of quilting allowed me to get a runner done, which will now become a crib rug.

This is where the project began:

I took a class on piecing curves and learned an easy way to do them. Love them!

I got the top and back done and then it waited for quilting, the story of my life!

I plotted out markings to do point to point quilting and then used different fillers to “fill” in the areas created. What fun!!!

Click on each circle to see a larger version, ignore the wobbles.
In between all the circles I did some echoing.

And now, it’s done and will lay on the floor in front of Squish’s crib.

That’s my week, and today will look a lot like the previous 4 days.
Squish and Sewing!!! Yay!


A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

20 thoughts on “Friday Fo/No

  1. Hi Chris! You’re trying to confuse us with a Friday FO post. I love the quilting pattern you chose for this quilt. The linear lines don’t distract at all and the back looks really nifty. Great job and Happy Wednesday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I thought this post was a mistake, too! Silly you!
    The football quilt is just right for some sport’s fan!

  3. Oh, that football quilt is fabulous! I am so intrigued — can’t wait to see the applique quilt that is next up on your frame and see what you’ll do with it. And yes, we have ALL had those weeks where Tuesday feels like it should be Friday already. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Isn’t it Friday all week long? well, this is what I like to think on Monday… I love your football quilt, , and the quilting design you choose is perfect. Can’t wait to see this appliqué top 😉
    Thank you for linking up this week with TGIFF!

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