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To Do Tuesday

Last Week:

  2. Prep new runners, yes, this too! X
  3. Work on Recovery /
  4. Knit while away from home Wed-Thurs /
  5. Folded Case for friend √
  6. Guild BOM √

Gah! Still no quilting on those runners. And no prep on the new ones I want to have done for Valentine’s for the girls. Slacked a little on the recovery this week, my hip has been pinching, so I am trying to nurse that along and re-evaluate how much hip stretching I should be doing with the un-replaced hip. I don’t want to further the need for surgery if I can wait. I did knit, but doesn’t look any different right now. However I did get some things done!!! And I have been sewing blocks for future rounds on my Round Robin, but I can’t show them!

Next Week:

  1. Table runners? Maybe? Any of them! 
  2. Continue to bond with Squish, she is now coming here each day while Diva is back at work
  3. Keep making blocks for my RR 2022, which is going to take a boat load of blocks with subsequent rounds. I am planning it to be a picnic quilt for ScientistGirl
  4. Prep the last obligation quilt, it’s appliquéd and it’s BIG! 

I know time will be limited now that Squish is here, but that’s OK, I am all in with being her care giver. Even to the point I needed to add something to the house to help with that care! 

The 3rd photo above is her all snuggled while I rocked her, nothing better!!! And the next is my attempt to amuse her while I showered. It worked! But then when I moved the play mat out to the ottoman someone decided it was his time to play! LOL

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A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, doodle lover, and now a G (grandma)!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it used to be the doodles, now it's Squish!!!

18 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. Nothing better than grandbaby time. It will change your time spent sewing though! Ask me how I know? It’s OK! Better than OK? They grow up so fast!

  2. Hi Chris! Yippee to seeing Squish every day. I know that is going to limit your sewing time but who cares??!! As long as you get that one obligation commitment completed, you’ll be golden. Table runners are easy to work on in spare moments. Love the photos! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. So nice that you are getting to spend so much time with Squish! It’s got to be a big help for Diva as well! All your projects look wonderful as usual 🙂 A new grandbaby is probably one of the best reasons around to slow down on your crafting!

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