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Friday FOs or No

Last year I told the girls to pick table runners they might like for me to make for them, this was one of SG’s choices.

Mine from August, 2021

With minimal background fabric on hand, I reduced hers by 4 vertical strips. I had “just” enough to make the top and bind it.

I used leftover charm squares from my runner, and I still have leftovers! I started this on Wednesday night and had it quilted by Saturday afternoon. Which was perfect since we drove south to lunch with them on Mother’s Day.

I quilted lines, with different color threads, intersecting through each square in both directions.

The backing was leftover from the Picnic Quilt. I used a blue bobbin thread instead of matching each top thread. I hope she likes it and uses it on her table. She and EG were under the weather when I delivered it, so admiring it wasn’t high on her radar, the food we brought was her focus! She is finally feeling better, while EG now takes over her ailments. LOL We ate on the patio in the warm sunshine to avoid bringing anything home with us!

During her time off she discovered a momma fox and 5 kits, the 5th one was lazing in the yard nearby. She’s been watching them frolic in her yard. So cute! Except for the bunnies and chickens momma brings for feeding time. Ick

Have a FO to share today? Check the side bar for Friday link ups.

If you would, please keep Squish in your thoughts. She is fighting a horrible rash that we just can’t figure out. Poor mite! Her body is covered in welts this week, so we’re trying to get her in to the Dr.


A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, doodle lover, and now a G (grandma)!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it used to be the doodles, now it's Squish!!!

13 thoughts on “Friday FOs or No

  1. Cute little runner. I’m sure SG loves it. Glad you could spend Mother’s Day with them. Hope they recover soon. Fun photo of the foxes. It’s an unusual sight for me. Fox are around here, but elusive. Sorry about Squish’s outbreak. Hope a remedy is forthcoming.

    1. Thanks Judy. They say it’s baby eczema, but we’re not sure. It’s taken many forms and outbreaks, so who knows. We are hoping it’s not their huskies.

  2. OH NO, Chris! Poor Squish baby. I hope they’re not itchy. SG’s runner turned out so cute. I just LOVE the background fabric. It doesn’t its job nicely by enhancing all those pretty colorful squares. I hope you get Squish’s rash figured out. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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