To Do Tuesday

Each Tuesday I play along with Texas Quilt Gal for To-Do Tuesday, check it out!

Last Week:

  1. Quilt on Picnic /
  2. Get Headbands done X
  3. Figure out Wedding Quilt X
  4. More Dresden Plates X
  5. Extra: Cross Path Pillow √
  6. Extra: Hold a Jelly Roll Race √
  7. Extra: Iron Station for friend √

I have 2 more rounds of quilting, and 2 sides on the right to go, this can be done before May’s end if I am diligent. No headbands, Wedding Quilt, or Dresden plates, gah! I did make a new pillow, shot a tutorial of how I do zipper backs, and wrote a pattern. Now I know why I don’t write up my designs!! LOL. Monday we held a Jelly Roll Race in honor of our city’s big event each May, the Indianapolis 500! We were a few weeks early with our race, but that’s OK, we raced for our guild’s charity committee. And finally, another Squirrel bit this week. A friend asked me to make her an iron station for her sewing room. Hubster supplied the wood skills and I covered it in batting and fabric.

I’m surprised I got anything done with having Squish each day since Tuesday. She spent the night Saturday, and you know nothing got done! Just lots of snuggles and laughs. She is rolling over and now has started getting up on her hands and knees. Crawling is soooo close! Her Aunt CeCe made her outfit, so cute. And I couldn’t resist this Squishmallow, I mean, it couldn’t be any more apropos!

This Week:

  1. Take care of Dad while Sis is gone
  2. Work on Wedding Quilt
  3. Plan Baby Quilt #4
  4. Dresden Plates
  5. Knit on Squish’s sweater
  6. Missing my Squish

Wedding Quilt is still on the list, I am house bound with my Dad so I plan to work on sewing and knitting. No quilting as I am away from Gigi. And I am away from Squish!!!

12 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. Loving your quilting! Our guild has hosted several jelly roll races, but I have yet to try one! Looks like fun. Squish’s outfit is adorable. Love the head gear!! I can definitely understand getting the squishmallow! It’s so cute! I’m sure your dad will enjoy your company this week. Good luck with your list!

    1. Thank you Brenda. I brought my travel machine, but it must have a feed dog issue, it’s not securing my fabric or sewing consistent sts. 😱

  2. The wedding quilt is going to be stunning! That little iron station–super handy! Good luck on the week to come and try not to miss Squish too much!

  3. Squishmallow!! Yes, you had to get that and look how sweet she looks in her new outfit and matching headband. I forgot what the wedding quilt looked like – those fabrics are fabulous. It’s really a gorgeous layout. Enjoy the time with your Dad, Chris. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Chickadee! One more seam to get the top together, but my travel machine is not feeding the fabric well. 😡 Good thing I brought handwork!

  4. A little late to the party! Just read your post about the concealed pillow backing. I followed a video on you Tube last year and was thrilled with my effort. Squish looks delightful, they can take up so much time and why not, they grow so quickly.

    1. I think they make pillows look so much more professional! Squish IS delightful! She is now scrunchy her nose when she finds something funny. Hilarious! Yes, I am trying to let go of my desire to make ALL THE THINGS and instead experience ALL THE LOVE with her!

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