To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Texas Quilt Gal for To-Do Tuesday!

Last Week:

  1. Care for Dad √
  2. Wedding Quilt /
  3. Plan Baby Quilt #4 X
  4. Dresden X
  5. Squish’s sweater /
  6. Missing Squish /////!!!!
  7. Extra: Placemats √√/
  8. Extra: Leaders-9 Patch /
  9. Extra: Flag Pillow cover /

Caring for Dad brings home how much my sister does, she’s a saint! I tried to sew, but the weight of the wedding top was too much for the travel machine. I think the feed dogs are failing, it’s 1 seam short of ready for the border. I worked on a wool appliqué project and completed a cross-stitch.

What a mess!

Once home I tidied up the sewing room, i.e. cleared off the cutting table/ironing board, and uncovered leftovers from quilts, so I made a placemat. I needed L/E while sewing, so I pulled 2″ squares. No idea what I’m doing with them. So, did I get back to what I was supposed to do, no, I finished other placemats. I was making a new one, why not get back to the old ones! And last minute Monday, I just had to get that flag pillow cover started for the Summer rocker pillow. Cause I have no self control!! Bwahahaha!!! And, Squish has no body control, so she gets in corners.

This Week:

  1. Lunch with friend
  2. Sewing with friends
  3. Wedding Quilt
  4. Picnic quilting
  5. Dresden Plates
  6. Squirrel

Squish and I are on an adventure to meet up with a friend from Ohio today. Dresden Plates are on my mind, baby arrives in July, got to get going! Too many things to be done by July and here it’s already the last week of May!!! Squirrels? I need some pouches for gifts, perfect for my sewing bee project?

17 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. Oopsie daisy, Squish! It won’t be long and she’ll be jumping amongst those cushions. Caring for a parent does take a lot of time and stamina. It’s so nice that you could give your sister a nice break. I’m certain she appreciates it very much. Enjoy lunch with your friend! I’m certain Squish will be a smiling charmer and win everyone over in the restaurant. {{Hugs}} a bunch. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. We actually met in Indiana, halfway between our towns, so I didn’t have to go that far to see her. A nice little town called Cambridge City, had an awesome lunch and got caught up!

  2. Pretty placemats, cross-stich and wool project, love Squish picture, soon she will be running and playing with all your scraps. Have a great week Chris.

  3. Squish is so funny! Lots of good things in the studio… the no self control. I tend to work on one thing at a time….I love the creativity of others who flit from thing to thing. Have a great week!

    1. She is a scream. And now she is starting the fake crying when she doesn’t get what she wants. LOL! I don’t usually work on this many things! So, now I need to pare it down.

  4. I think you do well having so many projects going at once. I usually have two, maybe three going, but I tend to work on one until finished, if possible! Guess I’m a tad OCD in that respect! LOL Have fun with little Squish this week.

  5. Gosh you are a whirlwind. What a good sis you are to give your sister a break and take care of your Dad. Squish is kind of irresistible isn’t she – I laughed out loud at “fake crying” in your comment to Kathleen. 😀

    1. It’s been a wild ride the last few weeks! And it’s only going to get crazier with summer activities! Yes, she has fake crying down pat!! LOL > >

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