I need an attitude adjustment!-long post

Too many things ticking me off right now. I’m listing them here and letting them go. I hope.

Say Thank You! Of the 13 people who I have made baby quilts for over the last several years, 7 have said Thank You to me either in person, email, or note. Of the in person gifting, 3 get an A+ and 1 gets a C-there wasn’t really a thank you at all, just acknowledgement. The others have been delivered by Grandmothers or posted by mail. Of those I have received 3 hand written notes, 1 picture months later of baby on the quilt-but never a personal thank you for the gift, 4 no communication at all, and 1 thank you over the internet. Of the 4 no com, all were delivered by the Grandmothers who thanked me through text or messenger, but nothing from the mom. It just happened with the latest baby quilt, not a peep from the mom. Which wouldn’t be hard because we are FB “friends”. So, I am going to choose more wisely on who gets baby quilts. I have 3 more to make, 1 to a past recipient who did thank me, 1 to a past recipient who didn’t thank me-but it’s family related so I feel obligated, and 1 to a new mom who I think will be thankful. How hard is it in this day and age where we have so many more ways to communicate? Is it lack of upbringing? Disregard for the cost, time, and effort that goes into making a handmade item? I’m stumped. So do I put their names on the “No more handmade items for you” list?

CVS-Grrr. I am trying to get my prescription info on MY account. But they don’t recognize my info as valid, even though they fill my prescriptions! But maybe not for much longer.

The lack of accountability in the world today. From politicians to criminals, wait, aren’t they the same thing? LOL No one is willing to step up and say, “I did it” “It’s my fault”. Instead of trying to decide the best way to fix the problem they just pass the buck and deflect. Instead of recognizing that their actions made it worse and they could reverse course, they just keep going down they wrong road laying blame at everyone else’s feet. SMH

My body image struggle. I am not in a good place with loving myself. Too much inundation of the ideals of the culture and I don’t fit in that category. So, I need to learn to live with what I’ve got, try to make a healthier way, and not focus on the size and shape I am. Squish doesn’t look at me in delight because of the body I have, it’s the love flowing from this body that she adores. So I need to be in a better place mentally so I don’t pass on feelings of inadequacy to her little brain. I am also wondering if I am having a reaction to the BP meds. I just can’t seem to not react to meds. It’s like there’s a switch in my brain that drugs light up. And then I have to detox from it. So what to do?

I think I am done. I’m sure there’s more bedeviling me, but I’ve griped enough. Time to get control of that attitude and turn it to a more thankful and gracious one. I hop you have a great weekend!

So, I wrote this post weeks ago and decided to sit on it for a bit. I have since concluded that I cannot do pharmaceuticals. Since I stopped taking the BP med I am not in such a weird place. Sure I still hate politicians and criminals, but I am not so anxious and crazy. And that’s with a wedding right around the corner. Thankfully my BP is not going as high as it was, which I am hoping is due to more water intake. Maybe flushing my kidneys is helping? I know losing weight would be good too, so I will try to control my eating. It’s hard right now with our crazy schedule. Summer gets so busy for us. Anyone else experience issues with taking meds?

23 thoughts on “I need an attitude adjustment!-long post

  1. Oh yes – I’m currently taking a medication that just messes with my stomach. Hope to be done with it in another 6 weeks. And a previous BP med caused other issues. It’s frustrating when the cure is as bad as the disease. I’m with you completely on the subject of thank you notes, and don’t even get me started on how I feel about politicians right now. You are not alone with those opinions!

  2. there is so much going on it is hard to decide what is right with the world – I agree though how hard is it so thank you like you really mean it – I get so tired of that. Be careful of not taking the blood pressure meds it might be that you just need to be on a different one. Yes we need to be careful to not put our concerns of weight on to the next generation – a skinny body is not always best! But we need to be healthy too – I need to lose 10 pounds in my stomach area but the rest of me looks thin – but my belly – too much when the pants get tight but my daughters do not see that unless I would strip and they say mom you are skinny – not this stomach!

  3. Oh my, Chris. I do hate it when people do not say thank you! It is the worst, and I think that it is related to some of the other angst in our society…respect…like where the heck did that go. Anyway, I don’t have reactions to meds, but you may need a different kind of doctor, or do you like who you have? You need one that understands your difficulty. I totally get the lack of body love, acceptance of where you are, and moving on in a healthy pattern. I wish you luck in your journey to health…one small step at a time.

  4. I hear you and agree. This, as far as people, responsibility for actions, respect seems to be a foreign language. Heartbreaking for sure. (in my opinion) Some days are just too much, however, I do have a puppy that makes things good. To the best of my ability we will do our best to give her and protect her in her hopefully best life. She makes me smile, see hope at least for me ———— Many of us are struggling, I do understand and if okay pray things will be better for you.

  5. Oh, yeah! I’ve almost died twice in three years from meds! It’s hard to have a good attitude when you are not feeling top notch either. Be kind to yourself on every level. (It’s good to give and hard to do yourself! lol) I agree about politicians! (but I do respect our governor!)

  6. I’m glad your weird feelings have subsided. I only take a hormone pill, but I’ve had reaction to meds in the past, and my husband has reacted negatively to some cholesterol meds.
    Ugh on the no thank-yous. A baby quilt is something that most couples want first thing for their nursery decor, so I don’t get not thanking someone for making it – it’s a gift, people! My great-nephew was married in January, and I have yet to receive an acknowledgement for the wedding gifts we sent last December! I have been working on a wedding quilt for them, but I have to admit my enthusiasm for it is at a low ebb.
    In other news, don’t get me started on politicians/criminals. I am amazed every single day at what people accept as “doing a good job” for what is going on .

    1. Hubster is having migraines in response to a cholesterol med. I like to think I don’t make chintzy items, but understand sometimes maybe the colors aren’t their thing. But I don’t expect my quilts to be their nursery items, it’s for putting the baby on the floor, it’s to be used, it’s to be a covering when needed, not a decor item. I beg recipients to just use it however they see fit. >

  7. So sorry to hear that your meds have this effect. I actually think all your gripes are pretty valid, but it shouldn’t make you feel so bad. I don’t take meds at all, apart from a little bit of otc painkillers for my headaches (paracetamol and ibuprofen). I always feel like stronger medication makes me feel worse instead of better. My husband has weird issues with meds too, so we try to find our way in natural medicine ourselves (which isn’t always easy and also not always without side effects too).
    Hope you will feel better soon!

  8. Now that I have a long arm and am finally finishing flimsies, I suspect I won’t be getting many thank yous either when I start gifting the quilts. What did you decide to do about folks who never thanked you?

    1. I hope that your fears don’t come to fruition! I wish I could say I will never give them another, but some are more family related, so who knows. > >

  9. Deep breath. Both of us! You have CVS issues – I have Walgreen’s problems. I just kindly said that they weren’t the only drug store in town. We do not have to shop at Walgreen’s. Unfortunately, they are on every single corner so they’re the most convenient. Thank you IS a lost art. I sent a check to my great-nephew for his wedding on month ago. Not a single peep from them. Oh, they received the check because they cashed it but say thank you?? Nope. Not from the newlyweds, not from his parents (my nephew), not from anyone. Yes, I expect one. I haven’t seen him since he was 10. Do you think I had to send $250? No, I did not. It’s no wonder this country is a mess. And politicians/criminals . . . well, they all have their own agenda. They don’t care about the little people unless it advances their agenda. If it happens to help others along the way, then that’s their platform. A happy happenstance. Geez. I hope you feel better putting this out there! Go get Squish – she real and she’ll ground you right quick. Happy Friday, my friend. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Wow, I can imagine the heartburn that thanklessness causes. I wrote this several weeks ago, and while my irked factor is still there, it’s a lot less irksome. Except that politician(criminal) thing. LOL > >

  10. I get it Chris! People aren’t taught to respect and appreciate, unfortunately. I would have had my hide tanned if I didn’t say thank you growing up, not to mention respecting others. Water definitely helps BP. I quit taking mine to and started taking Carditone. So far, so good. I hate taking meds. I hate the pharmaceutical industry and yes, politics and criminals are one at the same…at least most of them! Take good care of yourself and don’t sweat the body image. My grandkids love me just as I am and I know Squish does you too!

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