Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0
Fabric Out: -0
Net Fabric: -0
Destash: -0
Fabric YTD: +10.29
Spending YTD: $1077.68

In: Nothing

Out: Nothing! Just a lot of wedding quilt quilting, wedding prep, and wedding dress alteration! That makes me VERY nervous. 1 side done, 1 more to take in. Last minute decor ideas are being taken care of. Wish she had thought of these items 3 months ago! Argh! Burning up the VISA. And still lots of Squish time. She is fully mobile, crawling or ape walking all around the house. Oy! She now waves hi and bye, although not always on command. Just when she feels like greeting you. LOL

I am suspending the Knitting Stats until I actually knit something!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Report

  1. Such wonderful quality time with Squish! Good luck with all the wedding prep. I was very lucky when my 2 daughters got married only 4 months apart. One got married on a tropical beach and I mostly just had to get there – although I did make a cute little quilt that her guests wrote on instead of a guest book. The other got married at Christmas and did almost no extra decorating because the venues were already decked out in poinsettias and twinkly lights.

  2. Hi Chris! Wedding, wedding, wedding. Just how it should be for the mother-of-the-bride. Squish is robot walking already?!! Good grief. All the fun, fun, fun starts now. Good luck with the final alterations – you’ve got this in spades. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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