To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Texas Quilt Gal for To-Do Tuesday!

Last Week

  1. Finish Wedding quilting /
  2. Kim Diehl Mystery X
  3. Start Farm Charm Baby X
  4. Extra: Alter Wedding Dress /
  5. Extra: Freedom Trip √

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

Wedding Quilt is down to the borders and setting triangles!! The blocks and sashing are done. Now I just need to get the rest finished by Thursday. Can I do it? Eek! I’ve stalled on the mystery because I can’t decide if I want to follow her layout or continue to change it up. This may have to wait for after the wedding. No Farm Charm, maybe after we return from vacation. And yes, you read that right. Diva asked me 2 weeks ago to do the dress alterations. Argh! So I am down to the hand work, just a few things to tack. I was SCARED TO DEATH! It’s a lot of nothing and sheer material. Then to relieve my nerves after the dress work I wasted quilting time by making a wall hanging. I call it Freedom Trip (Trip Around the World style piecing). It was mindless, except for making sure I pieced the units in the right order. Simple quilting on my Janome and it was done in time for Independence Day, only I wanted to wash it before hanging it. Now it’s done.

This Week:

  3. Get Diva to the venue on time!!
  4. Back Street Boys Concert
  5. Guild Meeting
  6. Massage-I will soooo need it

The wedding and it’s events will take up a lot of the week, but then Sunday we have a concert to attend and Monday is a fun day! So this week is all about the fun and celebration of Diva, CarGuy and Squish! Pray for a mild temp day and no rain. So far it’s 84° and sunny in the forecast. I wouldn’t mind 76° and sunny! It’s an outdoor wedding. I sweat. I am also grumpy when hot. LOL

10 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. Wow! I’d be terrified to work on a wedding dress. Is the first photo of the blues the wedding quilt? Your Trip Around the World is sure pretty. Enjoy your week, or at least enjoy the actual wedding and vacay later!
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

    1. Yes, the teal blue blocks and quilt on the frame are for the bride and groom. It’s just a throw for them to use in their living room. No Queen sizes until I get a bigger frame! I am going to try and just go with the flow and not let last minute issues cloud our joy. Squish will help with that! > >

    1. 1 more border then binding and the wedding quilt is done! But then all the decorating, partying and then tear down have to happen before I rest! 🤣


  2. I absolutely love the Freedom Trip quilt (and a such a perfect name). The wedding quilt quilting is gorgeous. They are going to love it. Good luck this week!

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