July Recap/August Goals

  1. Wedding Quilt √
  2. Squish Clothes X
  3. Dresden Baby Quilt #3 X
  4. Farm Charm Baby Quilt #5 X
  5. Design Baby Quilt #4 X
  6. Quilt Charity Top X
  7. Guild BOM X
  8. Pine Burr Table Runner X
  9. Kaleidoscope Stars X
  10. Leaders 9 Patch /
  11. Finish Cross-Stitch X
  12. Finish Wool Appliqué X
  13. Finish Kim Diehl Mystery X
  14. Extra: Freedom Trip √
  15. Extra: Alter Wedding Dress √
  16. Guild Challenge Quilt Faded Star /
  17. Extra: Hair Bows √
  18. Extra: Charity Pillow √
  19. Extra: Call Me Case √
  20. Extra: Mug Rugs √

What a dismal month!! But it was full of wedding and vacations, so I am giving myself a pass. Wedding Quilt was done in time for the wedding!!! And then I put a hole in it. Gah! During the month I entertained Squirrels and made a table topper I named Freedom Trip, started a Guild Challenge, a friend asked for some baby hair bows, and the guild president asked if I could make a pillow with a front created by a sewing group. And I also taught a class on the folded cases I make.

August Goals

  1. Finish Guild Challenge
  2. Squish Clothes
  3. Finish Dresden Baby Quilt #3
  4. Farm Charm Baby Quilt #4
  5. Design Baby Quilt #6
  6. Quilt Charity Top
  7. Guild BOM
  8. Kaleidoscope Stars
  9. Leaders 9 Patch
  10. Finish Cross-Stitch
  11. Finish Wool Appliqué
  12. Finish Kim Diehl Mystery
  13. Work on samples I need for workshops

I will keep some carryovers on the list but not adding much else. August isn’t as busy as July was, but I don’t want to add too much to my plate. I need to enjoy the speed boat we possibly bought. LOL!

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