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Friday FOs

My guild has a yearly Challenge which has set parameters to use when creating our project. The first year I participated we put 3 Fat Quarters in a bag and handed off to the Program Chair. She distributed them to different members and we made something with the FQs. On the reveal day the maker showed the project and many didn’t even recognize it was their fabrics! LOL I made these items with the FQs I had in the bag. We were allowed to add fabric, so I used scraps and the background pieces.

The next year the rules were, choose a block using the 1st initial of first name and a color palette using the 1st initial of last name. For me it was Maltese Cross-C, and my main fabric had a “B”lue background-B. You were allowed to add fabrics to coordinate.

Last year was our 10th anniversary, so 10 was the challenge. To interpret how you wanted. I used 10 fabrics and overlapped them for a transparency effect. What I hoped was a transparency look. This meant buying lots of colors of Grunge, oh the hardship! Some transitions were slight, some were bold.

This year’s Challenge was “Your First”. We were to bring in our 1st quilt if possible and then interpret that into a Challenge quilt. I don’t even remember mine, so I fell back on an early quilt that I made 4 times. One for my aunts, my mom, and myself.

I used knife edge instead of binding, I sucked at binding, LOL. I did SITD in the star and borders, marked a motif in the background areas.

My 2022 Challenge

The good? I used a Fat 8ths bundle I got as my H2H prize. The bad? The limited amount made for a limited placement of fabrics. Oh well, it’s more vibrant in person, hard to capture with lighting.

Faded Star 2022

16 thoughts on “Friday FOs

  1. It’s gorgeous! Love those colors. I am liking knife edge more and more, but I’m not good at it. I enjoyed the history of your guild’s challenges – all of them are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Laura, I wish I had taken part in the previous challenges when I was a new member, but I was intimidated. No reason to be, the guild is not a judgmental kind of guild. > >

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