To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Texas Quilt Gal for To-Do Tuesday!

Last Week

  1. Quilt Baby Dresden √
  2. Start Baby Quilt #4 X
  3. Quilt the guild items X
  4. Squirrel: Sunflower Pillow √
  5. Boating √

The 2022 Challenge quilt was completed and presented last week. What fun it was. I threw Dresden on the frame and got quilting!! And I spent Saturday finishing a block I made into a pillow for the rocker. Reveal soon. We took the boat our Sunday with some friends, a lovely afternoon of overcast skies, but that meant a calmer lake.

This Week:

  1. Quilt something
  2. Start Baby Quilt #4
  3. More Guild items
  4. Finish piecing Kim Diehl Mystery
  5. Squirrel?

I have 2 baby quilts to quilt for a friend and a charity quilt to do for another friend, so quilting is paramount right now. With a Baby Shower on the 27th I need to get the baby quilt made!! Eek! And more items for the guild sale in November. I need to decide how to finish this mystery, I think this is my plan below, but you never know with me. LOL And for fun, find a Squirrel from my list and just going crazy! I need a little crazy right now.

14 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. I can just sense the busyness in your writing and I’m feeling like I need to hurry up personally! LOL Great job on finishing that challenge quilt–wow–and I’m looking forward to seeing the Dresdens quilted up. I love the colors in it. Now I guess I need to go get busy too if I’m going to even keep half-way up with you!

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