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Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +4
Fabric Out: -1.70
Net Fabric: +2.30
Destash: -0
Fabric YTD: +33.42
Spending YTD: $1872.1

In: Lisas Stantz from Unraveled Quilt Store came to guild, so I bought this seam roller I have wanted for a bit. I have a plastic one, but it just doesn’t “seam” that good at flattening seams. 4 yards of this small Grunge dot that I just adore.

Out: Guild blocks, an unfinished placemat, and a table topper for our Quilt Show sell table. Another Gadget Cushion for a gift. I found this awesome fabric in a remnant and knew it was perfect for the person I was making this for. A little mini from leftover HSTs and HRTs(?) 2 burp cloths for Squish!

I have the original table runners the extra HSTs came from done, just need to bind them. Reveal will be on Friday. The leftover mini was sewn on the machine I bought while at retreat. I used the HSTs to test the machine to be sure things worked. Obviously, they did!

The table topper I finished for our Quilt Show vendor table was a fun make. When we were planning things to make for purchase at our Quilt Show we came across this panel of an old home scene. I just knew what I would do with it. Some remnants were found that had the same colors and an idea was born!

I tried my hand at mitering the corners to keep as much of the design lined up as possible, I was pretty close. Last night I got a wild hair to just go ahead and quilt it. I outlined the buildings and foliage and then put some gentle curving lines in the sky to infer a breeze flowing through it.

I pieced some leftovers from the backs of the recent runners I quilted to make a back for it and then eked out a binding from the leftover border fabric. Hopefully someone will see this on the vendor table and just fall in love with it. It’s too big to be a placemat, so we will merchandise it as a table topper.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Report

  1. That placemat is gorgeous, I love the scene in the center! I didn’t make it to Joann’s this weekend, so I’ll have to hope they have that pretty orange grunge tomorrow. 😉

      1. That was a great idea, but no stores near me have it. I’m going to think about having it shipped, but you have to buy a 2-yard minimum to ship it and even with a coupon for “99-cent” shipping they charge a 1.95 handling fee and that irritates me. 😉

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