To-Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Texas Quilt Gal for To-Do Tuesday!

Last Week

  1. Case for Diva!! /
  2. Baby Quilt #5 X
  3. Quilt baby quilt X
  4. Hair cut today √
  5. Extra: Mug Rugs √
  6. Extra: Limey √
  7. Extra: Moo /
  8. Extra: Citrus Trio /

A lot of littles again! I had 2 Christmas runners for the Guild vendor table so I threw them on Gigi for holly and berries. I took a stripped piece a friend had and added top and bottom strips from my stash, it’s wider than longer. I took some scraps and made a table mat, but it’s just too busy. Sunday I piddled, so mug rugs happened and then I grabbed a book and made a lime slice. So cute!! And, I got an appliqué ironed on a onesie for Squish. Diva’s case fabric got quilted and I started more fruit slices!

This Week:

  1. Diva’s Case
  2. Squish’s Moo
  3. Baby Quilt #5
  4. Customer Baby Quilt
  5. Guild Sewing

Diva’s case will get time since the pieces are quilted, waiting on a zipper, but I can work up to that step. I plan to raw edge sew around the cow appliqué to hold it better. I WILL cut out the pieces for the Farm Charm baby quilt. I WILL!!! If I get the chance I will quilt my friend’s baby quilt, no pressure on this, it’s not needed anytime soon. On Wednesday we are gathering to teach and sew, and laugh, we always laugh!

Last week I said: “Hopefully today I will be able to drop into the quilt shop my cousin works at and talk about trading in my small quilting frame. I have been trying to do this for months now! I am planning on getting a larger frame, just not sure if I will set it up as a 10 ft or 12 ft frame. 12ft makes for close quarters on my machine wall.”

Annddd…..I have a new frame being dropped shipped to me!!! I went with the Studio 2 in the 10 ft frame. I really don’t think I will ever do super big stuff, the 10 ft will suit me, plus not take up quite so much room. Can’t wait to get it in and learn how to load Quilts on it. And since they gave me a good price without trade in, I now have a frame for sale!

24 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. The mug rugs are super cute! Wow, Christmas runners already! Well done! But that cow! That’s crazy, and I want one. LOL. Love it!! Very nice on getting the frame! Honestly, I have the big one but I know I’ll never do a king, and rarely ever do a queen. I guess I like having the option but I probably don’t need it! Now go cut out that farm charm quilt!

  2. You surely cranked out the projects this week. Love the Cow for Squish! He/She’s cute as can be. congrats on the bigger quilting frame. I’m sure you will make good use of it. I’m looking forward to seeing Diva’s case!

  3. Your lime slice mug rugs are so cute. I have that pattern but haven’t used it yet. After seeing your lime slices, now I just have to give them a try. Hmm – must find that pattern first however.

  4. I need to do more small projects, that lime slice is so cute. Great with the 10ft frame. What would be the biggest quilt you could do on that? From someone who has no idea. So its like 120inches long? We work in metric although in my youth we were still in inches and feet.

    1. Small projects really get your juices flowing, but I need to knuckle down and work on things that are lingering. I don’t expect to do a lot of large items, mostly throw, but I am not sure if I can get a Queen on, depends on the carriage and the clamps I suspect. We shall see.

  5. Those fruit slices are adorable! Yay on the new frame and especially the good price. That little onesie applique is so cute. Hope you enjoyed your hair cut. 🙂 Thanks for joining us at To Do Tuesday!

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