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Friday FOs

Citrus Slices came into my life while I was searching for something and came across the book Simple Fun and Quickly Done(unaffiliated link). I drug it out and this project was one of the first items I saw, so I thought why not!

The hardest part was finding greens that would work for the lime. I had more olive or neon greens, not a lot of lime shades.

It’s basically a half Dresden Plate with your fabrics cut in different widths. You sew white and dark green on both sides of the light green strip and alternate cutting blades from both sides. I used minimal quilting, just enough to define the blades and half circle. And voilá, a half lime slice! Perfect for your morning mug and a little snack.

But you know I couldn’t leave it there. I went stash diving for more Citrus colors. Over the years I have collected small amounts of Grunge to use on different projects, most of all when I did the color transparency runner last summer.

I grabbed oranges, greens and yellows and auditioned the best combos. And then got to sewing!

In no time I had my half slices ready to quilt and bind.

I made more work for myself by making the binding continuous around the slice, and matching up the pulp color on the top edge. Why? Because I could? I had a hard time measuring the ends on the curves, but trial and error I finally got the right lengths and finished up the bindings.

On Wednesday they were handed over to a friend in the guild to sell at the quilt show in November! LOL I love them, but my decor is so not citrusy! Well, I really don’t know what my decor is, but it’s definitely not bright. I am sure they will probably get more use by whoever buys them than at my house. But you know, maybe I could make a pumpkin version? Hmm, that might be on my list in October!

26 thoughts on “Friday FOs

    1. Thanks, I am thinking for the pumpkin one I might use a curved edge on the blades to replicate the ribs of a pumpkin. If so I will just do a sewn back, not binding. But only if I get all my other stuff done!! Too many Squirrels.

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