To-Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Texas Quilt Gal for To-Do Tuesday!

Last Week

  1. Diva’s Case √
  2. Squish’s Moo √
  3. Baby Quilt #5 X
  4. Customer Baby Quilt X
  5. Guild Sewing √
  6. Extra: Finished Citrus Trio √
  7. Extra: Call Me Case √
  8. Extra: Calm Up Case /
  9. Extra: HST scrap /

Squish’s Moo is done, I did a poor job of edge stitching, but no matter, it’s more for fun than show. Diva’s Case is finished!!, but I am holding it back for FO Friday. It was a bugger!!! I can say I will never use the pattern again, but I know I will, and make some changes. I prefer my methods of putting things together and now that I have done one, I know what I can alter. I will discuss these changes in my reveal post. I finished the bindings on the Citrus Trio, still thinking about a pumpkin version. The next photo was from this weekend, 3 By Annie patterns. LOL! 2 are done and one may still get done this week. And while I was straightening up to get my space ready for the large frame, I grabbed some HSTs I had been gifted and just randomly put them together. The only caveat was, the seams had to dovetail, can you say puzzle time!?

This Week:

  1. Set up new frame!!!
  2. Test a Charity Quilt
  3. Make a back for the above quilt
  4. Customer Baby Quilts
  5. Baby Quilt #5
  6. Damar Pillowcases

My frame gets delivered today!!!! So this week is going to be busy with taking down the small frame and putting up the new. And watching baby during all of it. I want to sneak in a small baby quilt before taking the old frame down, one last hurrah! Once the new frame is up I plan to throw a charity quilt on and test it out. I have a Jelly Roll Race top I need to finish before November. Then I will quilt a baby quilt for my friend. And in between I will get to piecing Baby Quilt #5 and pillowcases. I hope!

Squish’s Moo was done, as you see above. But I wasn’t very good at edge stitching the mop of hair on Moo’s head. Kind of looks like Squish’s hair at this point! LOL.

18 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

    1. I don’t do random well, at all! So I was challenging myself to just let it be. The only reason I mixed anything was when seams went the same way. I ended up with 1 place where I couldn’t avoid it, so I flipped the seam when I sewed that spot.

  1. The Moo design is so fun! Looking forward to seeing the finished case, too. I think that happens to a lot of us – after we’ve made something from a pattern once, we know what we’ll do differently next time. Have fun with your new frame!

  2. Hope the new frame is everything your envision. Now you will be even more productive. Of course, I too love the “MOO” on Squish’s onsie. And a peek at her hair. Like my babies!!! Not much hair as little ones, but they all have great mops of hair now!!

    1. LOL, her momma and aunt were bald for quite a long time. Squish seems to have Dad’s hair, blonde and full of cowlicks! 🤣 I hope to get lots done with the new frame, but that depends on baby!

  3. I’m still loving on Moo! So stinking cute! Enjoy that new frame! I’m sure it’s up and being used already by now! Have a great week!

    1. LOL, me too! And no, the frame is not completely put together yet. It came late Tuesday, we had business and family stuff on Wednesday, so once we got home we tried to get as much done as possible, But it got late and I was tired!! Tonight won’t see it done, he’s tied up with work, but I will try to get pieces put on as I can.

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