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Friday FO or No

Don’t let the cover photo fool you, this is the weather we’ve been having consistently. Yes, the water is all the way up to the sea wall, our beach is gone.

No FO today, but I have made progress on all the stuff I brought with me to work on. On Farm Charm I had 84 HSTs to sew, 28 were done before I left home. That left 63 to do. It seemed like a slog, but actually the World Cup and Prime kept me distracted while I sewed. But I sewed so much I broke a foot! It just flew apart as I was sewing.

To get a 1/4″ seam allowance I use the Blind Stitch foot, L on my Bernette b35. For some unknown reason, there is no getting 1/4″ with the feet that come with the machine and the needle position. I can get a 1/4″ on the left side of the feet, but not the right. Wish I had known that before buying. So I have been burning up the L foot with the piecing I’ve been doing. And this happened.

But no worries, I called the dealer and they are getting a new one sent out and I will order the 1/4″ foot from a local shop when I get home.

So, what blew up my foot? This!

Farm Charm is getting all the love right now, but it will have to wait until I get back home for further progress because the top it done!!

Time for quilting when I get back home and find enough fabric for the back.

Scenes of our vacation

Bathroom demo going on, but we won’t be here long enough to see the new shower/closet redo.

Tell me you’re in Florida without telling me you’re in Florida
Yes, that is all natural curl, no styling products used at all.
And a night’s sleep to help frizz it up.

Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were solo here in Florida, but enjoyed a Rotisserie Chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I enjoyed take home Key Lime pie from our dinner Wednesday night. We missed our fam, but thanks to iPhones we are able to communicate and see each other.

14 thoughts on “Friday FO or No

  1. Oh, yuk on the foot blowing up on you! Wow on the shore being gone…I so hate to see this, but I think it will be a more and more frequent site. Hopefully yours is just a result of recent weather patterns and not a permanent change. Glad you enjoyed your small thanksgiving! Ours was small and just right for us! Our son came to our apartment and spent the night…always nice to have the young man with us – he’s 29.


    1. It’s not permanent, it will gradually come back and they will dredge it. It’s just nature. Man is the one who thinks they can build wherever they want with no risk. It’s a risk we take to enjoy the beauty of the beach. But water will always win. Thankfully in the 30 years we’ve owned the condo this is only the 2nd time the beach was lost.

  2. Hi Chris! I didn’t know you owned a place in FL. How wonderful! I’m sorry the beach was under water but I could watch the waves and tide all day. Yowza on the foot blowing up!! Good thing you weren’t hurt or your machine either. Safe travels home. {{Hugs}} a bunch!! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. That looks like a wonderful spot to have a little vacation. Shame about the beach, but I love the sound of the ocean and watching the water. Farm charm is looking great!

  4. It looks like a very nice getaway except for the remodel part and lack of beach. You do have a wonderful view though, and that pool – cool!
    Love your curly hair photo. My hair does the same thing in moist climates. It is mellow in my dry climate.
    So, I have this wonderful chicken fabric that I want to put churn dashes with. Lo and behold, I find your wonderful little quilt. I think I may have to make mine with your layout. I think it might be perfect.

    1. It usually is a paradise, but November is just not th month for us to visit. LOL. I am glad my Farm Charm sparked an idea for your fabric. I find visiting blogs is the best, and worst, inspiration. It’s the ideas I then have to buy fabric for that makes them the worst. Bwahahaha!!!


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