November Recap/December Goals

November Recap

  1. Farm Charm /
  2. Kim Diehl Mystery X
  3. Music Baby Quilt /
  4. Baby Sweater /
  5. Birthday Banner √
  6. Baby Hat √
  7. Star Trivets √
  8. Extra: Spring Mini √
  9. Extra: Rocking Chair Pillow √
  10. Extra: Guild BOM √
  11. Extra: Table Runners √
  12. Extra: Mug Rugs √
  13. Extra:Gnomes /

December Goals

  1. Quilt Farm Charm
  2. Finish Baby Music
  3. Finish Gnome Place Like Home
  4. Finish Kim Diehl Mystery
  5. Prep Center Block for 2023 SAH Round Robin
  6. Baby Quilt #7 for Baby BonBon
  7. Baby Quilt #8 for Rowdy/Squash
  8. December Rocking Chair Pillow
  9. Squirrels

So, which panto should I use? Funky Chicken or Moo, Ewe, and Pig 2 or Giddy Up or Horseshoes? Baby Music will get a musical notes panto. Gnomes will be done free hand around the appliqués and straight line on the rest. The mystery? It’s a mystery to me why I haven’t progressed with it.

And I should always leave room for Squirrels, and actually a Squirrel I have been wanting to do is a case for my computer. Just a slim zippered pouch basically, sized up for my Mac Book Air.

The next items are in the design stage. I need to nail down my Round Robin plans and get going with it. I am thinking I will continue to use my Kim Diehl fabrics and similar for a scrappy version again. Not sure what size I am going for, but I am kicking around ideas. If I ever finish my Kim Diehl mystery it won’t use up my stash, so why not. Then I have 2 baby quilts to decide upon, #8 I have the fabric, #7 still needs some inspiration. Baby 7 is due Jan, baby 8, our Rowdy, is due March. Rowdy? I thought it was Squash. Well, when they told us the name he will have, Rowdy just came to me. So, I think I am sticking with Rowdy. We’ll see. I would probably confuse them if I did Squish and Squash!

10 thoughts on “November Recap/December Goals

    1. Thanks Kate, I need to knuckle down and get some things done before year’s end, just to get some numbers lower!! It might be a January of Misfit Projects! LOL.


  1. I always enjoy making baby quilts too. They are cheerful, and usually quick. One niece is having a spring baby so that will give me one to make. And our guild is making baby and child sized quilts for a local charity.

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