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Friday FO/Sunday Report

A finish has happened! I found an embroidered piece in a bag of scraps my friend gave me a few months ago. She had embroidered 3 heart designs on a white background, added a pieced border, but for some reason removed the embroidered insert. So I made the border fit a little better, sandwiched it up, and quilted it with a ribbon heart panto. Easy peasy finish!

I wasn’t too picky about quilting over the designs, but she had thrown it out, so does it matter? LOL She already has it on her TV table, which was where the other runner I made was supposed to go! Girl!

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0
Fabric Out: -8.31
Net Fabric: -8.31
Destash: 0
Fabric YTD: +3.92 Last week I was at 9+ yards more in!!!
Spending YTD: $321.63

In: No fabric!! But I have bought 2 large rolls of stabilizer, a panto, and batting! MUST STOP SPENDING!! Frugal February is going to be enforced if I don’t stop. LOL.

Out: Quite a bit with all the sewing I’ve done this week. Week 2 of RBD 2023 Block Challenge, another Split Heart for Guild, backing and binding for my friend’s runner shown above, finishing my January Rocking Chair Pillow, the wedding quilt I need for tomorrow’s wedding!!

If you look closely at the lower left photo you will see that the letters I am applying to the wedding quilt were not quite right. The N is backwards! So I had to redo that one. The last 2 items were not from my stash, but they are the charity quilts I am currently piecing. Yes, the print placement on the middle photo annoys me, but not enough to rip seams and redo!

17 thoughts on “Friday FO/Sunday Report

  1. That is a sweet finish! Does it have a destination? I am sure that annoying print will “go away” once it is placed in the quilt – if it bugs you at the end, you can skip it or replace it.

  2. That embroidered heart table runner is really cute. I can see why your friend has it out, it’s perfect for the season. Congrats on so much progress this week.

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