To-Do Tuesday

To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Quilt Schmilt!

Last Week

  1. Finish Wedding Quilt √
  2. Finish Baby Bon Bon X
  3. SAHRR /
  4. RBD Block X
  5. Knit Hat /

The Wedding Quilt was finished 11:00 am on the day of the wedding. LOL! I did an 8 hour day of marathon quilting to get it ready and then added the label and binding the morning of the wedding. Whew!! Reveal on Friday. Baby Bon Bon was induced on the weekend, so I need to get quilting on this next. But a visitation for my SIL’s mother was more important than quilting, so baby will wait. I got my SAHRR block for week 2 done, love it!! I didn’t do the RBD block this week because it was not my fav. There are enough weeks to skip those I don’t like. Since we drove back home on Sunday, I took knitting with me. I fell back on an old favorite. I have a little one in mind for this hat. A Packer Fan?

This Week:

  1. BABY BON BON!!!
  2. Design Rowdy’s quilt
  3. Prep for a Maker’s Tote class
  4. Prep for an Embroidery session

The quilting for Bon Bon was escaping me, so I did my usual, throw it on the frame and just start somewhere! In looking at the calendar I know I am running out of time for Rowdy’s quilt, he is expected march 13th. So I need to get on that. But this weekend will be full of classes, one for the tote I have been wanting to make and one to learn more about embroidery! I have 2 items I would like to add embroidery to for Squish, so I hope the open studio class will help there.

19 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

    1. I didn’t plan to cut it so close, but the grand-daughter and my exhaustion led to leaving it close. But I knew I would have it done, just glad I wasn’t sewing on the label as we drove to the wedding. LOL


  1. A finish just under the wire is still a finish that meets the deadline. But I hate cutting them that close. Congrats on the finish and on all the progress last week. Hope this week is even more productive.

  2. So glad you finished the wedding quilt in the nick of time. I hate when I cut it that close, but always glad when it is done. The babies and weddings keep on coming in your world….that is a blessing. Enjoy the visit, you will catch up when you can!

    1. It’s Winter Fern, which I’ve made a zillion times. The baby is Hubster’s employee’s. I asked Hub pertinent info and he was clueless. Didn’t even ask C! But we got a photo right after he was born, adorable.

  3. Hi Chris! Oh, I’m so sorry about your SIL’s mother. Congrats on getting the wedding quilt finished just in the nick of time! Phew! Bon Bon and Rowdy’s are up next. Enjoy the embroidery and tote bag class! I know you will. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Hi Chris. What a week you’ve had. So sorry to read of your SIL’s mother, so wonderful Bob Bob is here and hopefully all is well! Congratulations on getting the wedding quilt finished, and another hat! Well done! Thank you for linking with TDT. Good luck with your list next week but make sure to enjoy every second of snuggle time!

  5. I didn’t do a whole lot better with my wedding quilt–I finished it just the night before! Isn’t it a relief when they’re finally done? Bet you were sweating that one!
    Our new little one just arrived a few hours ago. Waiting for my daughter to feel better before we head up though (c-section). I have been so busy that I haven’t an idea what quilt to make for her, not even a start! Of course, with baby #3, she’s not wanting for anything. The knitting looks great!

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