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Friday FO or No

The first BIG finish for the year!!…started with a trip to pick out fabrics in the wedding couple’s colors.

Several months ago a fellow guild member showed an Established quilt, it was perfect, simple and personal. I cut out the strips, got them sewn and then it was time for the name panel. I grabbed my Heat and Bond Lite, but wish I had a softer adhesive. I hope washing will soften the letters.

Uh Oh!

The embroidery took longer than the seaming!

I knew I would do a grid behind the letters and leaves in the strip sets. I even had a leaf panto in mind, one of my favs. Since I was switching between 2 quilting techniques, I marked the areas where I needed to stop on the panto and only missed it a time or two. After a marathon day of 8 hours of quilting it was done! The night BEFORE the wedding. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute. I do hate that I had a dark background and a light thread, but it really was the only option.

The last thing left was the binding and label. It was all done 5 hours before the wedding! Erp!

I am on a Brother embroidery machine group and 2 ladies had to point out, without my asking for their input, that my lettering would be “cleaner” if I used a finer thread. Excuse me? Does this label fail to get the pertinent information across? It’s a label, not the focus of the project. Advice to all: If you are not asked to offer your opinion, just don’t. I’m not buying a bunch of finer threads for labels. Now, if it’s something that is going to ruin a project, then yes, let someone know they are headed for misery, but a “cleaner” label? Cleaner in whose eyes?

So, the quilt was finished at 11:00 am, we left for the wedding at 2:15, and danced and partied until 9:00. LOL! We’re so old. But to be fair, we started dancing about 6:30, so we spent a lot of time dancing. My body was not pleased with me on Sunday! But the important thing is the lovely couple loved the quilt and they promised to use it.

26 thoughts on “Friday FO or No

  1. It’s beautiful! Tight deadlines make projects more fun, I’m sure about that. I don’t have any deadlines right now and I noticed I’m not doing much crafting at all. Need to fix that.
    People should realize that advice that no one asked for is actually critique. I actually really like the way that label came out.

    1. Thanks Maggie. I shouldn’t focus on the “advisers”, many others said complimentary things about the quilt. I was just proud of the fact I didn’t misspell something! 🤣

    1. Thanks, I do cut it close a lot! 😂 I understand they probably felt they were being solicitous, but it felt more preachy. One of them did post a separate comment about the quilt, after the criticism, but by then the damage was done. 🤣🤣

  2. Hi Chris! It’s a beautiful finish and those fabrics are just gorgeous. Unsolicited opinions are so much easier to give online. There’s no way to stop them but you can consider the source. Who cares what they think . . . and they might just think they’re departing wisdom. Would it have been to leave it unsaid? Yes, indeed. At some point, you would think they would figure that out. But enough attention on them – let’s enjoy the quilt. I love the quilting. The crosshatch behind the letters looks SO good. That is one of my favorite looks, and the leaves in the border look fab, too. Nice job all the way around. They’re be covered in your love each time they use it. What could be better? {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. So true, I need to be more charitable. It just took me aback that someone would focus on the label and not view the project as a whole. I know, it was an embroidery site, so that’s what their focus was. The most important viewer was the sweet couple, and they made their appreciation known! So, it’s all good. Plus they had some awesome music to dance to, so it was worth the effort of making their quilt.


  3. This is so, so pretty! Love the idea of “established”, and I really like their choice of colors. You did good!! I’m impressed you finished it before the wedding with all you have going on! Ugh on the unsolicited advise. Sadly I tend to focus on my critics’ voices more than my supporters.

  4. Beautiful wedding quilt, and your label is perfect to me 😉 Great quilting choices too. Congratulations on finishing just in time!
    Thank you for sharing and linking up!

  5. You dia a wonderful job on the wedding quilt, Love it.
    I like the dark backing it shows better your great quilting, and about the label, it is perfect as it is. Glad the newlyweds loved the gift and you enjoyed the party.

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