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2023 SAHRR-Round 2

Confession time: My center block isn’t really a center block, because I am not making rounds for my SAHRR. I am making blocks. And the suggestion for this week is Stars! Which was perfect since I had thought about using this block for my center block before I changed course. But Wendy’s choice of a Star would mean I had 2 stars in my project, and with 1 center block and 6 “rounds” I would have 7 blocks, which wouldn’t fit in my plan. So that’s why I started my SAHRR with part of a block, the Weighted 9 Patch. It was just a base for this week’s suggestion.

To add the star points, I needed to come up with a way to make the two piece star point without having to handle such small pieces. So I sewed a rectangle and square together, and then used my triangle ruler to cut the angle I needed. A practice piece helped to prove out my theory.

Now, for my block I needed a Flying Geese unit, not a HST. So I cut a square 5.75″ and cut it into 4 triangles. Then I cut 8 pieces 3.125″x1.625″ and cut 8 pieces 1.625″ square. These pieces made up the star point. When I went to sew them together I needed to set up the layout so I would have 4 left triangles and 4 right. The mock ups show how I cut my triangles after sewing the square to the rectangle.

Then I just added triangles to each side of the Flying Geese for the unit. And then the Flying Geese were added to my starting block for the Star that Wendy suggested for this week.

Wendy has the link up this week, check out what she has done with her clue! And check out all the sponsors who have donated prizes for the 2023 SAHRR at Gail’s site.

I revealed last week that I had a design developed that I decided to forego. Here is what the 2nd Round would look like if I was doing that design.

30 thoughts on “2023 SAHRR-Round 2

  1. I’m glad you changed, because I decided at 4:30am this morning that I am going to change my block. So are you going to do yours like a sampler? I LOVE the fabrics you are using!

  2. Each time I see those yummy Kim Diehl fabrics, I just want to go pull mine out and play. Your star looks great, and really works with the KD. Will be fun to see your quilt each week!

  3. Love your center block and the fantastic border. Good to skip one round. It matches so perfect. And .. yes, these colors are worm and cosy.
    Please help, what is a “Dew” ? lol … and thank you so much for your kind comment to my SAHRR – highly appreciated 🙂

    1. A Dew is a soda here in the states, Mountain Dew, a very citrusy, heavily caffeinated drink that I should not be drinking! But I am not a coffee drinker, so Mt Dew it is. Thanks, I adore these fabrics!


  4. CHRIS!! This is so, so, so, SO cool and cute. I have to agree with Diann – very tricky. I can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeve next week. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Chickadee

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