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Friday FO or No

No Fabric February is going well, it’s been 3 days and I haven’t bought any fabric!

One of Hubster’s employee’s and his wife had their first baby recently. To mark the occasion I decided to make Baby Bon Bon a quilt. But what pattern? And what fabric? I bought this combo thinking I would use it, but decided to keep it for our own Rowdy.

I knew I had a wonderful cream with colorful orbs and flowing lines, so I determined to find colors to match. And Quilts Plus had 3 awesome Moda cottons that were perfect, so all I needed to do was find a lavender that I could add to the mix.

Got the fabric, what pattern? I recently designed this Carpenter’s Star for a friend’s fabric pull, so it was right there in the back of my mind. A quick mock up showed me it was perfect.

So I spent a day with my sewing buds and I desperately tried to keep all the HST combos straight while I was laughing and talking. LOL

Believe me, there was a lot of ripping and resewing the blocks to get things worked out. Argh. But eventually everything was in the right place and I was ready for quilting.

I did some SITD to stabilize my borders and then started with the top border. I thought I knew what I wanted in the corners, but the top option was a bust, so the lower one came from somewhere in my brain. It stayed, the other didn’t.

The star spokes demanded curves and the squares just got straight lines along the seams. Since it’s to cuddle a baby I wanted to keep the lines light, but there were some intersections that just couldn’t be avoided.

Hubster made dinner for the lucky parents on Tuesday night and by 5:30 I had the label created, the binding sewn on, and the last bit of tacking done. And then I put it in a bag and handed it to Hubster as he walked out the door. I also made some burp cloths for them, so in the bag they went too.

32 thoughts on “Friday FO or No

  1. Hi Chris! This was worth waiting for. That background fabric was an excellent starting point and those solids match just perfectly. Wow! I really love the addition of the borders. They really pull out those colors in the medallion and the background so they POP. Nice job. I’ll bet the new parents are thrilled. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Kathleen. I always feel like I have no idea how to quilt something and then once I get it on the frame things just come to me. And sometimes mistakes are made, good thing I can rip them out!


    1. LOL, I guess I never really did say. I will be more precise when making baby things, although as soon as Rowdy, our 2nd grand, is here I don’t have any more babies to make for. So I will revert to charity baby sewing.


  2. Love the colors for this pattern as a baby quilt and the quilting is beautiful.
    I am sure mama & papa loved all the gifts for their new baby.

    1. Aw, thanks. I love this one and the Moda Love pattern. This is the 2nd Carpenter Star I’ve made, the other was a Throw size for charity. I can’t say one was any easier than the other.


  3. Lovely baby quilt, you choose the perfect fabrics and the perfect pattern! I love the first combo too, and I’m waiting to see what you will do with it 😉
    Thank you for sharing this pretty finish, and linking up!

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