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Stash Report/To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Quilt Schmilt!

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +0
Fabric Out: -2.10
Net Fabric:-2.1
Destash: 0
Fabric YTD: +21.45
Spending YTD: $549.84

As you can see, NO fabric in for February!!! I got zippers from clearance at Zip It, a pattern, and some embroidery files from Julia’s Design, but no fabric!!

Fabric Out/To Do Tuesday

  1. Start Rowdy’s Quilt X
  2. Finish Maker’s Tote
  3. Heart Rocking Chair Pillow √
  4. Charity Quilt /
  5. Stripped Heart Pillow √
  6. RSC 2023 Pink Block /

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

Rocking chair pillow got attention first so I could get the snowflakes off my chair! I’m done with winter so I removed all my snowmen in hopes they would not prolong winter’s visit. We’ll see if my strategy works. LOL.

I printed out foundation paper from my EQ8 to make the blocks. So precise and perfect!

Quilted in the ditch and did echos in the hearts, and just straight lines on the back, with a bit of that border fabric to accent the hidden zipper.

I also decided I needed another heart pillow to decorate with. So I mocked up this stripped heart design and pulled out the scraps! In no time I had another pillow out from under the needle.

Here’s my trio of Valentine’s pillows

Then it was time to get back to the Maker’s Tote I started last week. I was ready for binding the raw edges, and part of it on the gusset curves. Ugh! Now I am waiting for handles, thinking I might look at a thrift store and harvest a pair of handles.

The clear plastic dog cone, upper right photo, will become a bag stabilizer for the inside bottom. I will sew a cover for it once I cut it to size. Hopefully that will help the bag keep its shape since I omitted the medium weight Pellon in the body.

And my February RSC is done, Pink is the color for the month.

Now for next week:

  1. Rowdy’s Quilt
  2. Quilt something
  3. Embroider something
  4. Hair Cut

A small list since I will be out of town for my haircut and I’ve busted it this past week. Saturday and Sunday were major sewing days!

19 thoughts on “Stash Report/To Do Tuesday

  1. Love your trio of pillows. The border fabric of the rocker pillow is gorgeous. Your RSC looks like the delectable starburst! The grunge and pink together is such a great combo.

  2. Well done Chris! You had another week of getting sew much done! I love the pillows and your Makers Bag. Good job on repurposing using the dog cone. I use my worn out Accuquilt mats for bag or basket bottoms. I really do like your RSC blocks. Good luck with your list this week. Good idea to keep it short if you are out of town ;). Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.

  3. Hi Chris! Oh, I love that pink RSC block. I don’t remember seeing January’s – now I’ll have to go back and look. I’m going to follow suit and ban snowmen in the house for the rest of this season. I hope your theory works! It can’t hurt. Those Valentine pillows are sweeeeeet. How’s Squish doing? I haven’t seen an update on her in a while. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Chicka

    1. I have a link on the side bar for the RSC progress! So far our temps have been on the rise, but they are headed up and down over the next 10 days. No end in sight for the cold temps. Brrr. At least we had rain today and not snow!! Squish is her silly self, getting big and learning something new every day! And Rowdy is head down and ready to appear anytime over the next 5 weeks! I can’t believe he’s almost here!! I smile every time I see those pillows! LOL


  4. Oooh you have shamed me! NO fabric purchases? Well, I’ll show some good sportsmanship and say good for you, well done and all of that (grumble, grumble…!). LOL. Seriously, good job. I’m not doing so well but I’m sewing up a storm too so it’s all good. I love all of your heart pillows but that foundation piece one is my fave. Nice tote! (Wish I had the patience for things like that these days!) and your block is striking! Another good week for ya!

    1. Wait, none in February, but let’s not talk about January!! That’s a whole other ball game. Eep! LOL. Thanks! I am waiting impatiently for the purse hardware to get here so I can finish the bag!!!


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