Notre Dame

August 26, 2008-March 17, 2023

Our sweet boy, iNDy, is now sitting at my Dad’s feet in heaven waiting for a snack. A ritual they shared every time we visited my parents.

He went downhill after suffering seizures this week. We couldn’t bare to see him in such a confused state, not able to stand or walk. The alternative was to dose him with so much anti seizure medicine to keep him stable, that he would be lethargic. It wasn’t fair to him. The seizures left him highly agitated for most of the day. 🥲 It was a heartbreaking decision, one I will question for the rest of my days.

28 thoughts on “Notre Dame

  1. It’s always difficult to make that decision for our beloved pets, even when it seems to be the kindest choice. But it still hurts. Hugs!

  2. Do not question it. You did the right thing. Quality of life is far more important than quantity. And from all I’ve seen and ready, he not only had a good long life (never long enough for us sadly) but a wonderful one! I mean – just look at those pictures!
    It’s never easy. It will always hurt. But you did right by him – from the time you brought him home to his last minute.
    Sending lots of love and comfort from all of us at Chez Wandering Cat

  3. So sorry for your loss 💔. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make. We know it’s for the best but the heart still breaks.

  4. Oh, Chris! I’m so so sorry. I know it was a hard decision but it was one he was trusting you to make. He can’t speak for himself but he knew you would make the best decision for him. He wouldn’t want to live that way, without being able to sitting and waiting for a snack. That’s the charge you take when you open your heart and allow a pet in. I don’t envy you having to make that decision but I certainly support you. {{Hugs}} a whole bunch for all of you. It’s going to be a long lonely weekend. Hold those babies close. C

    1. Thank you Chickadee, I have reversed my decision a million times, but there’s no going back. I know he is free of the fear and confusion he was experiencing, but it’s still hard to know I had to make that call. But he was my dog, and it was my decision. Now to help his little bro through the mourning.


  5. Oh my heart hurts for you, however, let me share what my vet shared with me when we too had to make same decision. Vet said, you are doing the best thing for your baby, it is difficult but (our baby) she is trusting you to love and make the best decision for her. You did the best for your furbaby, that’s what we do. Prayers for you and your family. Please don’t question yourself. love & prayers

  6. Always a hard thing to have to do but I hope you know that they thank us for ending their suffering.

  7. I’m so sorry Chris. It is the cruelest thing that they can’t stay with us all our lives. Of course if they did we would have dozens of pets in our houses. I still struggle with that decision I made back in 2010, so I feel ya.

  8. like other readers, I join in to say: don’t question your decision, Chris. I know it’s a hard one to make (and I’ve have to make it myself several times in the past 36 years) but when it’s the kindest thing to do . . . we mustn’t feel guilt, just relief that we gave our pets the best life possible, and helped ease their ending.

  9. Thinking of all of you as you go through this; give Cooper an extra treat from me. Its 6 months tomorrow, that Percy is gone, and we miss him daily. iNDy is at your Dad’s feet and romping with whatever doggie will play in the great beyond, free of seizures and back to his puppy self. He was so lucky to be with you!


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