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To Do Tuesday

I have to leave this photo for a while, our sweet pup with Squish, one of his last photos.
Playing along with Quilt Schmilt!

  1. Embroidered Giraffe √
  2. PJ Pants √√
  3. Baby Charity Quilts √√
  4. Squirrel!! Bib √
  5. Puppy Face onesie for Rowdy X
  6. Fox Face onesie X
  7. Bunny Face T for Squish X
  8. Class on Handiquilting √
  9. Egg Towel Embroidery √
  10. Puppy Comfort Pillow √

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

Got the Giraffe and PJ pants made, not sure the pants will fit! LOL. Threw a baby quilt on the frame and blasted through it on Sunday. And then again on Monday! The 2nd one was a pieced top that a friend destashed. I was showing ScientistGirl how to use a serger, so made a flannel bib for Rowdy. I was piecing PJ scraps together for the front and the reverse is the animal print. No shirts were made for Rowdy since I am waiting on a 4″x4″ hoop for my machine to use on small onesies. But I did do some eggs on a kitchen towel for my kitchen and another puppy comfort pillow got made, along with more puppy faces. When I am long arming a panto on the frame I can embroider. Load a design, do a row, advance the design, quilt a row, etc, etc, etc…..

Next week:

  1. Pick up Squish for overnight!
  2. Another baby charity quilt
  3. More embroidery, got more shirts!
  4. Piece charity quilt
  5. SAHRR quilting planned
  6. Sew with friends

The new quilt a large block I won in our BOM at guild. It’s 24″ unfinished so I added borders and called it done. It will go to our children’s charities. I have a ton of embroidery files to use, the next will be a bunny face for Squish, a 4th of July popsicle design, probably do a towel for SG and EG, thinking their last name? I am also working on a throw sized charity quilt, it was a mystery bag the guild put together. And I soooo want to get SAHRR quilted! Plans are afoot! Wednesday is sewing with friends, always fun.

20 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. I think that giraffe is darling, love the PJ bottoms too. I envy you showing your daughter how to use one of your machines – mine is 45 and just now starting to say she “might” want to learn. I am not a teacher, so I am hoping she’ll take a class. 😉

  2. You’re having lots of fun with the embroidery. Good for you! I bought my first embroidery machine when my grandkids began arriving – thinking I would make them cute things, like you are doing. But I quickly developed a Hate relationship with that embroidery unit, the thread, the hoops! So it rarely got used.

    1. I’m trying to get adept at it so I don’t let it sit too idle. And planning to learn all that I can through classes and online tutorials. So far it’s worked like a charm. Only operator errors have happened. LOL.


  3. Oh, I hope the pants fit when you try them on Squish! I love that you quilt and embroider at the same time! I need to get that skill managed, but often I clean scraps while quilting. Good luck with your week…you did a lot last week.

  4. LOL”Blasted it through!” I can totally relate! All of your projects are just adorable. You must have a really fun stash! And isn’t it just so fun to have something quilting while you do something else?? I don’t think it’ll ever get old! Enjoy sewing with friends tomorrow!

  5. Hi Chris! What a sweet picture of your pup with Squish. That’s a keeper. You have to let us know about the PJ pants – I’m dying to know if they fit. You get Ms. Squish for an overnight?!! That’s fun. Gosh, you have a LOT of plans in the works. Love that circle quilting – what is that for? You rocked the week! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Chickadee

    1. My dog photos diminished when Squish came along. LOL. We tried the pants on and the giraffe ones fit the best. But the legs are soooo wide. LOL! She was funny walking around in them, but I didn’t get a video. Unfortunately, one of the sleeves is too tight on the Giraffe shirt, so I need to cut it to a cap sleeve and not a short sleeve. Wah! Oh well, I could just make another one with a top that fits and give the smaller sleeved one to a very scrawny little one. Hahaha! The circles were just part of a learning class, I didn’t actually bring them home, although they did offer to cut them off since we were the last class. But I had the photos, I didn’t need the practice pieces.


  6. Oh My Kris what a week you had last week! I always look forward to seeing your post to see how much you get done! Do you ever sleep? :). love reading the comments and knowing that Squish’s pants fit even if they are a bit wide. Just makes it easier for her to move! Love the towel and bib. What fun to be able to spend time showing Scientist Girl how to use one of your machines. Doing pantos is really fun when it frees you up to do other things. My longarm is manual so I’m not so lucky. It would make my time at the studio even more productive. I could be doing ruler work with my other machine or playing with the embroidery machine, but I’m just happy to get any time at the studio. Have fun with this week’s list, especially your time with Squish and sewing with friends. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday.

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