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Stash Report

Playing along with QPA and QPC

Sewing Stat
Fabric In: +0
Fabric Out: -1.32
Net Fabric: -1.32
Fabric YTD: +21.47
Spending YTD: $1074.69

In: Nothing

Out: Not much fabric, but a lot of work! Put some Easter eggs on a towel, thinking I might go back and put the letters that were supposed to be on the eggs. Threw 2 baby quilts on the frame and had them done in no time. Then I put together another puppy comfort pillow, such a cute face. And keeping with the charity theme of the week, I started on a top a friend put together from a mystery bag our guild did. I worked on my mystery top while sewing with friends, but I don’t have any photos to show. And last, while working on the quilt I did this bird wreath on a towel and while cutting away the stabilizer put a hole in it!!! Argh! I m trying to patch it.

2 thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. Aww, nuts to cutting a hole in your towel. It’s a cute bird wreath, too. Isn’t there a washable stabilizer? I don’t know if that might be an option or not but then you don’t have to worry about cutting. Happy Saturday to you. We’re having a snow storm right now – can’t see across the street it’s snowing so hard. That’s unfair on March 25th!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Chickadee

    1. Yes there are washaways, but not all projects can use them. The towel was so thin I didn’t want to use too light of a stabilizer. But next time I will just double up a washaway. We’ve had 4 days of rain! I can’t imagine what it would look like if it was snow. LOL Stay in and stay warm!


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