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To Do Tuesday

Our sweet pup with Squish, one of his last photos.
Playing along with Quilt Schmilt!

  1. Squish overnight! √
  2. Baby charity quilt √
  3. Embroidery √
  4. Piece charity quilt /
  5. SAHRR quilting /
  6. Sew with friends √
  7. Puppy Pillow/Faces √
  8. Charity Quilt √
  9. Bunny Rocker Pillow √

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

The baby quilt is a BOM from last year, I won 2 of the blocks. The original block was 24″ square, so I added polka dot borders and cut a back from a fun stripe.
The birdie on the wreath was recovered from the trash. While trimming I poked a hole. Eek! It’s currently glued, but I plan to stitch a holly leaf over the hole. Hopefully that will keep it from growing.
Blocks from my Mystery Bag Quilt for charity.
A guild friend asked for 3 puppy faces to make comfort pillows for donating to the church where we meet. I finished the 2nd pillow I had planned.
It’s been a big Charity month and here’s the latest finish, a friend’s mystery bag quilt.
My Easter Rocker pillow, wondering if I should embroider eyes and whiskers on the face.

Next week:

  1. Quilt SAHRR
  2. Quilt baby quilt
  3. Piece charity quilt
  4. Squirrel

Plans for the SAHRR is all down to putting it on the frame and then just starting. There will definitely be feather wreaths in the setting squares.
The baby quilt will be ruler work, so that will develop as I get it loaded and stare at it.
I am working on snowballing 2 corners of the blocks I am making. It’s just 3 print rectangles with 2 opposite corners of white.
I am feeling a squirrel coming on. But I am trying to work through all these tops and get them done before making too many new things! I have 6 tops of various sizes waiting to be quilted. Now’s the time!

21 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. You certainly did have a good week! Love those puppy faces. And kudos for rescuing the birdie in the wreath. An embroidered holly leaf will certainly cover the “eek”!

  2. Hi, a very enjoyable post here with such an array of interesting projects. Bird and Bunny faces are so cute. Yes, perhaps that little blank bunny could do with eyes but cute enough the way it looks now. Happy Stitching from me.

  3. Always so hard to stay with what we have on the table and that new idea beckoning. Once I went to a class (only class ever been to actually) and the experienced quilter showed one of the participants how to fix a mistake or hole with a bit of appliqué, was very impressed because… I wouldn’t think of it all by myself!

  4. Oh, those puppy faces!! Chris, they are so darn cute. I am amazed at the amount of things you get finished/started each week. Dang girl, you rock. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Chickadee

  5. So many cute projects! I love your puppy face pillows. I’ve pulled projects out of the trash too and your leaf idea is the perfect way to salvage it. Squish looks like a lovey.

  6. Chris you continue to amaze me with all you do in a week. I love all of your projects and really enjoy seeing your progress each week. The puppy faces are too cute. I am in love with the Bow ties quilt. There’s just something about grey that gets my attention. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Hope you are having lots of creative fun this week.

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