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To Do Tuesday

Playing along with Quilt Schmilt!

  1. Clean up my Studio!!! /
  2. Finish some Tea Towel Embroidery X
  3. Table Runner Challenge X
  4. Travel Pillow Challenge X
  5. SAHRR Quilting /
  6. Panel piecing /
  7. 2nd Boat Ride of the season √
  8. Time with fam at a ball game √
  9. Overnight with Squish √

√ Done / In Progress X Not Done

I did a bit of organizing, but ran out of ideas for the rest of the stuff I wanted to change out. I will ponder what to do with all the FQs and small yardage pieces I have. I could put them in the IKEA bins, but they are so small I would waste a ton of space. I am being a free spirit with the SAHRR and just trying whatever I can think of to fill space. I want the prints in the blocks to pop so I am trying to tamp down the background units. On the panel top I am sewing sashing/cornerstones to join the rows. Trying to get this quilted and bound before our next guild meeting so I can show our quilters what to do with panels for our charity sewing. The Coopster somewhat enjoyed the 2nd boat trip, although he still wanted to jump in rather than ride. We met up with Diva and family for a local farm team ballgame! And then Squish and I spent some time at the park, slides are her favorite. She was not a fan of the baby swing.

This week:

  1. Finish SAHRR quilting
  2. Make Travel Pillow
  3. Make Table Runner
  4. Finish Panel top
  5. Redo the Christmas Tea Towel

I am halfway on the SAHRR quilting, didn’t start either Challenge projects, they are challenges from 2 of the local shops, I did make progress on the panel top last week and hope to have it all put together this week. I still need to finish ripping out the bad lettering and redo it.

In news to rejoice and asking for prayers: Rowdy failed 2 hearing tests when he was born. He had his 3rd test on Monday. We knew he could hear as he responds to noises, we just weren’t sure how fine the hearing was. But having heard numerous stories of failed test that came to nothing, we were optimistic. He passed without even having to endure the 2 hour test!!! They deemed him 100% after about an hour in. Yay!! The prayers are for my cousin-in-law, deemed an out-law along with Hubster. They love to get up to trouble!! LOL. She was hospitalized with abdominal pain. Her kidneys were not happy! So went to the ER, was sent home, Dr sent her back, was admitted, and a stent was placed. She has to go back for surgery in mid June. She is one who doesn’t slow down for anything, so she needs prayer to keep her still! Hahaha! And for the pain to subside.

13 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. Hi Chris! Oops, I had the pupster’s name wrong in my last comment. The boating time sounds divine and oh so relaxing! Definitely time to rejoice with Rowdy’s hearing, and prayers sent for your cousin. I love how SAHRR is turning out! The green thread looks so pretty on everything. You’ll have that panel together in no time. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. LOL, he doesn’t mind, he will answer to anything as long as you feed him treats! I knew that color thread was going on my SAHRR!! I need to name it, but haven’t come up with anything yet.


  2. Oh, that quilting is so gorgeous on your SAHRR and that thread is just beautiful. Love the doggo on the boat, Percy wasn’t a fan when on a little boat but got very used to the ferry. What good news about Rowdy, and yes prayers for calmness and healing for your CIL.

  3. Chris it sounds like your week was a perfect blend of sewing and family time. Thank heavens for the hearing test to go so well and sending positive thought that your cousin in law comes through everything all right. Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. love the quilting on your SAHRR. I hope you had another week filled with family, fabric and fun. Happy Memorial Day to you.

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