About Me


among other things

I started life with a love for all things fibery and creative, loving all the craft kits I received as gifts when I was young. As I aged my love for the crafting grew to all types of mediums and materials. I took every sewing class I could through grade school to college, and was always creating in my spare time, and even when I was busy with something else, cross-stitch and knitting were very portable.

As I moved from single to married to mom, I learned new things and absorbed as much as I could of all the arts/crafts at my disposal. I’ve left and returned to many crafts over the years, but somehow knitting and sewing have always been there, hopefully they will always stay.

Now in my 60th season on earth, I am expanding the quilting to include a new long arm machine, my Amara named Gigi. I am having fun learning all things Free Motion and Ruler. It’s a grand time to be creative and able to indulge my every whim in bringing visions to reality. I couldn’t be doing what I do without Hubster’s willing and supportive help. From buying me machines and accessories, to building cabinets, and moving it all whenever I decide to change rooms. LOL!

And a new chapter in my life made her appearance in November of 2021, a grand baby!! We are blessed to have Squish in the family, she is so much fun and totally adorable.

Join me on this journey to Creativity.