Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +7
Fabric Out: -1.65
Net Fabric: +5.35
Fabric YTD: +54.62
Spending YTD: $2382.06


In: A few 1-2 yard pieces to use in projects.  Not pictured are a few more coming from Etsy shops. Yes, that’s a few of those Halloween prints I made all those projects with. But the stripe was out of stock, so I had to order it from an Etsy shop! And that black with color spots is for a back of a charity quilt. 


Out: Some bowl cozies, a block from leftovers and a table mat flimsy.

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 54,794 yards/286 skeins
Knitted: 0 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 54,794 yards/286 skeins
Spending YTD: $98.68

In: Nothing!

Out: Nothing

It’s been a rough week! I spent the first part of it in Evansville due to my Mom being in the hospital again, but she got sprung Friday! Then I was home for a day and half before we took off for camping with our friends. During the weekend we headed over to watch our friends’ kid play in a Semi State soccer game. They lost, boo. But at the end of the game it was determined that rain in the near forecast would impact our last night and morning at the camp, so we rushed back and packed up in a slight drizzle and came north to hang with ScientistGirl and ElectricGuy at their new house. Much warmer!!!

And that’s my week! Link parties in the sidebar, come join the fun.

Friday FO or No?

Just some small FOs this week. It’s been a week of travel and fun!

While hanging at my Mom’s with my sister I made some Bowl Cozies for family. I showed them to my Mom and she thought she might like some for her house.

I find patterns for are too big for my bowls, so I tend to cut mine down a bit. But the first one I made I cut down too much, 8″ squares are too small, but my Mom has the perfect bowls for it! Then I used 9.5″ squares and tried the pointed corners and then rounded the last one.

I use one layer of batting, I find the double layer too bulky. They aren’t for insulating, more to prevent burnt fingers. The bowls really get hot in the microwave.

For Diva’s I grabbed 2 FQs I had packed. I wanted to try an octagon shape but, my brain failed me and I cut the corners too deep. I cut 2″ corners, should have gone with 1.5″. But they are still cute, if not a little shallow. I love the fabric combo I used for Diva’s!!!

Looking at these pictures makes me think of the 3 bears, the first is too small! But then it’s just right. LOL. I asked Diva what size her bowls were and she said Average? Um, yeah, not helpful.

And then I noticed the HSTs I had cut from the corners. Hmm, I’ve got to find a way to use them up. So I made a few more and planed to do a basic HST Star. But then decided to move some of the HSTs and created this arrangement. Love it!

Not sure if it will be a table mat or what? I might try to find a dark blue to frame it with. I know I will lose the design edge if I border it with either of the block fabrics. Or do I just make a custom binding strip to finish it off. Aqua against the print corners, and the print along the aqua corners. What do you think?

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To Do Tuesday

Last Week

  1. Fox and Geese-don’t leave it hanging! X
  2. WOOFA-Miranda Day Bag /
  3. Squirrel-Definitely a SQUIRREL! /
  4. Finish the placemat /
  5. Use up some of the 4 yards I bought yesterday!! Ack! X
  6. Funeral for my cousin √
  7. Squirrel 2-Microwave Cozies √
  8. Guild BOM √
  9. EC’s Baby Dress /
  10. Move ScientistGirl and ElectricGuy √
  11. Scrap Block from leftovers /

No quilting this week, too busy! I am waiting for webbing to make the strap for my sister’s Miranda Day Bag. I left town before it arrived. A squirrel made it’s way into my life! A Feathered Star waiting for borders. The placemat is pieced, but nothing on using any of the fabric I bought this week! Unfortunately the funeral took place, but I so wished it had not been on my schedule. I needed a filler project so I started some bowl cozies for family. I did get my BOM done and might make another. I knit on EC’s dress while watching high school soccer. The young marrieds moved into their new home Saturday, oh my aching body!! What a wonderful time for them. And I used up some HSTs I cut from the micro cozies I was making to do a little block. It might become a table mat.

This Week: 

  1. Baby dress knitting
  2. Try to get some quilting done the 1 day I will be at home
  3. Shop and pack for camping
  4. Go camping!!

I am back in my hometown right now, I came in on Sunday. My mom is back in the hospital and I had to come in for hair cut. Plus, my sister needed someone here to support her. I brought my machine and have been making bowl cozies. Once I get home I might throw Fox and Geese on Gigi to quilt a few blocks. Maybe not. LOL. Utmost is grocery shop and pack for camping, and take off!! Our favorite weekend of the year is at hand!!! I will take knitting, but not the machine, too much fun to be had!