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Stash Saturday #6/#7

These weeks were joined since I was working on the same items throughout the two weeks.

Started 2 new baby knits. A Drops cardigan for a baptism gift I need Feb 26th and another Robin Hood for a new born.

The Drops Cardigan is one I have done twice before, so 3rd times a charm? And it is charming!!

img_3196 img_3197

Previously posted about, I just love this long sleeve version. And the dainty pearly cream buttons just make it so sweet. I love when things match. It’s the OCD in me.

This Robin Hood is also my 3rd one, and it just never gets old. I am thinking to try this with worsted weight and adjust the lengths to get a less bulky version next time. And there will be a next time!


I dropped off the sweater to the new family and the Dad, a coworker of Hubster’s, texted that they loved the sweater! Just hope it fits him next year, as he is much too tiny now.

With these prioritized items out of the way I turned to the UFOs and pulled out some color work mittens I needed to finish up. I was over halfway through the first outer mitt when I got back to them. I am hoping we still might have some cold weather for the recipient after I get them done.



Last, but not least, I got a request from my SIL who now lives in Wisconsin. She liked the Cloche I made our great-niece and wanted one. I had to admit I couldn’t upsize it properly so I found a pattern online. I told her I didn’t have that bright red left, but had a darker red available, and she said fine. So to avoid the color work I cast on the hat.

Stash Deets:
Stash On Hand – 65,285  yards 352 skeins*
Knitted Stash – 894 yards 6 skeins
Purchased Stash – o

Ending Stash 2-11-17:  64,391 yards 346 skeins

*Realized I had under reported stash at the beginning of the year. I found a bunch of Tahki Cotton Classic I didn’t remember having.

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Stash Saturday #5

Baby things! All the baby things!


What do you do when you find a chart for a beautiful motif, but the size of the sweater is not small enough? You hack it! This chart was created in Numbers using the colors I wanted to include in a gramps sweater hack for a friend’s grandbaby. We grew up with her family and our kids grew up around each other for a bit. Now she has a new grandson to love on!

I love using gramps for the base of all my hacks. I can do the shawl color/or not. Add any motif that strikes my fancy.

Kellan 1 jameson marshall

It truly is a wondrous pattern, with sizes from baby to adult, very versatile. Can you tell I love it!!! I think my favorite version is the right side. Shawl color WITH color work!!!

img_3167 img_3169

So Knox needed a sweater for the cold climes, too bad it’s too big to help him this winter. Knowing I would not likely get the size right for him to wear for long right now I went with the 1 year size. It will surely get more use next winter when he is more out and about.

A hat for Knox to match his sweater and Winter’s Fern for my knitting friend because it was her birthday! Using same of the colors I used for Knox’s sweater. Hey, I had them on hand already, but you can see I ran out of the denim and only got one stripe out of it.

img_3176 img_3171

Stash Deets:
Stash On Hand – 65,087 yards 348 skeins
Knitted Stash – 555 yards 1 skein
Purchased Stash – o

Ending Stash 2-11-17: 64,532 yards 347 skeins. Getting closer to that starting stash number. Better than going the other way like I did last week!

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Sweet sweater

We got a note from our friends’ daughter that her new little one is having a Baptism at the end of February. We were present at their wedding and were so happy to hear they were expecting. Of course I had to send a hand knit to the baby shower. And now I needed a gift for the Baptism. I try to not get knicknacks that have to be placed on a surface. I prefer to gift something useful. So my mind when to hand knits. And with the upcoming Spring, I know, 6 more weeks of winter, but eventually it will be Spring, I thought a lightweight cotton sweater would be fitting.

I dug out my stash of Tahki Cotton Classic and returned to an old favorite. This time I made the long sleeve version. And I love it just as much as the short sleeve style.

I made my first foray out to Joann Fabrics for buttons. OK, it’s not really the first time I was in a JoAnn’s in Indy, considering I managed a store here ages ago! But this new life in Indy is a clean slate. So this was my first time, this time. LOL. I knew exactly which style of buttons I wanted, a pearly shank style to match the creamy cotton. Perfect!

img_3196 img_3197

While at JoAnn’s I couldn’t resist this yellowy-chartreuse colored fabric, so I quickly found some coordinating grays for a future drawstring bag. I think this time I will make a larger bag and then use the scraps for a zippered bag.


I might also quilt the layers for a more solid bag.

And now with 2 recent baby items done it’s time to get back to me knitting, or some of those UFOs hanging about. The first up is a pair of mittens that have hung around too long. Time to get them done.

 img_3198 img_3199

These will be lined, I think. At least the cuff needs lining to prevent the curl at the bottom. But I will first need to try them on the recipient to determine if a lining will work. It’s hard to make a judgment without the person’s hand at hand to try it on. I am sure my hands are bigger due to being a foot taller than her.

So, what’s on your needles?