A quick health update

Look away if you are not interested, it’s nothing earth shattering.

GI Doc does not suspect H-Pylori, whew!  Different stomach meds for 2 weeks and then they will do a test to completely rule it out. Then he has me on Omeprazole every day for the rest of my life. Ugh! But he did say that I can stop it to see if the issue is still there. He also said it could have been an ulcer. I am just happy I don’t need a scope.

Joints are still painful and my BP is still high. I am normally extremely low, extremely low. I am back to my Dr today to discuss the joints, and that the lump on my left ankle is now in a different spot? My ankles have been almost twice the size they normally are. Yuck! And that was using the cream they prescribed me. Fingers crossed I get an answer.

I am running hot one minute, freezing the next, not my usual body temp because I normally run hot all the time. With a steady dose of Acetaminophen I am not in as much discomfort, but my desire to do anything is nil. Especially if it means getting up and down a lot. But sitting still too long produces stiffness. I did get on the stationary bike, after 3 weeks of not using it. Too bad I could only ride a mile before I had to stop.

I try to remember that I am so blessed with all the wonderful things in my life, but I pray this is not a forever condition. I hate taking meds every day, my liver does not like it. Oh well, thanks for reading to the end, you deserve a medal!

No sewing or knitting yet, but I did wash the fabrics and will iron them before putting them away. Go me!

This is the floor of the restaurant on the pier, in Daytona, where we ate lunch. Yes, that is the ocean beneath the pier. You can feel a gentle swaying the entire time you are eating. Especially so this last time as the wind was so strong.

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Sunday Stash Report

Knitting This Week

On Hand: 61,915 yards/333 skeins
Knitted: 20 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 245 yards/2 skeins
Ending Stash: 62,118 yards/335 skeins

Premier Home Cotton for a striped short sleeved Sophie

OK, a little yarn knit and a bit more added. But it’s for a good cause. My cousin will be welcoming a granddaughter soon so a knitted sweater needs to happen ASAP! Shower is Dec 3rd in Virginia, where I won’t be, so it needs to be knit quickly and mailed even quicker. Will I meet my deadline? Who knows. More important, will the solid color cover the yardage I need? 3 month size says 180 yards, I have 140. Fingers crossed.

Fabric This Week: Do I have to confess?

Fabric In: 6.625 yards
Fabric Out: 0 yards
Net Fabric In/Out: +6.625 yards

Argh!!! It doesn’t help that I was gone, so no sewing happened. And then I come home and go shop for more fabric? Well, again, the intent is for a good cause. I need flannel for a pillow for the JG’s BF. And then some FQ’s jumped in the cart, and, oh I need some neutrals that are more white than cream, and look at that striped remnant, and well, might as well pick up these fillers!!!

Year to Date

Fabric In: 44.25
Fabric Out: 33.75
Net Fabric In/Out: +10.5

Just when I was getting close to zero!!! But for the most part the fabric above is going into something. Obviously the flannel for a pillow, the bright group has no plans as of yet, but I am seeing a fun Christmas wall-hanging for some reason. The plaid might not make it in the final product. The neutrals are for some pillows I want to make. And just maybe that bright group will make it into one of the pillows. The diagonal stripe is just because, a 5/8 yard remnant that rang up at $1.87!! And the last group are more for filling in, although both of the blues will likely make it into bags of some sort, but not together.


I’m Home! And Long Winded, I kid you not!

We had 70 mph winds all week! OK, maybe not that bad, but it was blowing! We attempted to sit on the beach once. The rest of the week we sat on the pool deck with a wall behind us. From 10-12, by then the sun was blocked by our condo.

We saw Orient Express. While I love a lot of the cast (Judi Dench!!), I  was not thrilled with the remake. Because when I think of Poirot I think of David Suchet and Peter Ustinov’s Death On The Nile. I love Kenneth Branagh, but couldn’t get into his Poirot. I like Johnny Depp, but his Ratchet was overplayed. I loved Olivia Colman in her bit part, just because I love OC!!! Broadchurch, OMG. It’s worth a look at a cheap rate or free venue, but not at full price. I wanted to see Thor, but Hubster doesn’t like Action movies. But Diva Girl and I love Thor so I am waiting to see it with her.

We went shopping a few times. I bought 4 shirts, 1 pair of leggings, 2 Christmas presents, and a pair of swim trunks (for Hubster). Then the day before we left I went back out to find shoes that I could comfortably get on and off* since my ankles and feet were swollen from whatever I am STILL suffering from. I ended up finding a new pair of flip flops, a pair of sandals, a pair of comfy slip on shoes, and 2 Christmas kitchen towels. Yes, I bought kitchen towels and packed them home! Judge me all you want, but they are adorable! This all made it a bit difficult to zip my suitcase closed!

The most alarming event of our trip happened back home. My baby had to have emergency surgery. He did well and has stuck close to me ever since we have been home.

He has had a cyst growing on his head since summer. We were waiting until Christmas Break in hopes Jeep Girl’s Vet friend could do the surgery. But it busted open along with a scrape on his head from rough housing with all the family dogs. So Sis and Jeep Girl were at bat to get him to and from Vet and surgery. He now is bald. While he was out they cleaned his teeth, found one that needed to come out and when they pulled it, it’s neighbor came out too. So he now gets yummy soft food for his meals this week. He’s happy as can be!

*Slip on shoes for an easier time getting through TSA. Except, on the return flight we were able to go through the TSA PreCheck and when questioned about metal in my body, I said, “hip replacement”, so I got to go through without having to take my shoes off! How I got checked for this I have no clue, but I will take it for future flights!