Friday FOllieS

Good Morning to all! Life is good here, still celebrating my birthday! I had dinner out on Tuesday night with family, a treat (shake) on Wednesday, and dinner in with friends and Greek take out last night. And tomorrow I head back to the hometown to my fav restaurant there for dinner. But before that, Diva and I are wedding dress shopping!!!

This week has been good for the knitting and sewing! I finished my cowl over the weekend, got all the body and most of the collar knit on the toddler sweater, and finished 1 table topper-top only. So some crafting has been happening here! Since I will be back out of town over the weekend, knitting will be my companion. Which means I need to find another project to work on since that sweater should be done by tomorrow! 

Eurasian Cowl

The pattern has you knit it flat and then seam it, but I just knit until the top edge was about 22″ and then joined in the round. The color is more true in the mirror shot on right. I love it, but have yet to wear it!!! I just haven’t had the perfect venue, maybe Saturday will be the day?

It’s not quite this green

I am knitting up this bulky as a Gramps by altering the stitch count. Right now I am on the button band, shawl collar. It’s a long slog, but I am close to the end. Then two small sleeves and it will be done! Hopefully I can drop this off with the birthday boy before I head back to Indy.

Here is the first table topper, top only, no quilting yet. This is Cabin Skein, sort of, I pointed the geese in instead of out. Oh well, no one else will know. LOL. The difference in the look is due to my EQMini, which does not allow for precise blocks on some of the designs. But no matter, the gist is the same. Now, on to the next one, a Pineapple block! But first, I need to print out the paper foundation.

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Stash Reports Week #52 End of Year

This week’s Stash Report was held until Dec 31st so I could end out the year with my report instead of having 2 days left in 2019.

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 55,757 yards/290 skeins
Knitted: 369 yards/2 skein
Purchased: 0  yards/0 skein
Destashed: 0 yards/0 skeins
Ending Stash: 55,388 yards/288 skeins
Spending YTD: $576.79

In: I ended the year not buying any more yarn since October 4th!!

Out: Last minute 2019 hats!

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: 0 yards
Fabric Out: -1.62 yards
Net Fabric: -1.62 yards
Fabric YTD: +124.55 yards
Spending YTD: $2333.30

In: None, yay!!! But I already have gift cards to buy fabric, so watch out world!!


Out: Freyja piecing, Happy Holiday making, cross-stitch finishing, and an iron skillet handle pad.

FOs: Penguin Hat 2, Cables Love Pom Poms 2, Cross-Stitch for my sister, and the iron skillet handle pad for Hubster’s flat iron skillet.


9/10 Week
344/365 YTD
I ended with a 95% average!

December Goals

  1. UFO/OMG: Quilt Peacock Granny X
  2. Knitting: Baby Sweater X
  3. Sewing: Fox and Geese Sashing X
  4. Cowl: Eurasian-in progress X
  5. Mystery BOM: √ 
  6. Guild BOM: Ornaments √ 
  7. Squirrel: Snowflake Pillow √ 
  8. Charity: Begin piecing the next quilt X
  9. DrEAMI: Holly Berry Pillow √ 
  10. Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery QAL √ 
  11. Christmas Hat for Great-Nephew #1 √ 
  12. Christmas Hat for Great-Nephew #3 √ 
  13. Christmas Hat for Great Niece #1 √ 
  14. Guild BOM: January 2020 √ 
  15. Square Peg Table Runner √ 
  16. Cross-Stitch Mittens √ 
  17. Cross-Stitch 2002 √ 
  18. Start Cross-Stitch Woolens X
  19. Squirrel: Happy Holidays Top done
  20. Foxy hat for Hubster!

Dec saw a lot of away from home time, so things didn’t get done. But that’s OK, I have a new year to finish those unfinished things. And lots of things got added, so Squirrels were very much in attendance this month, LOL! So the average was 70% completion, I’ll live with it.

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Friday FOllieS

Today’s Follies are all over the place! At least 1 is a finish, just not of the sewing kind. When we went back home to have our family Christmases, plural, I still had 2 hats to make for my great-nephews. Since only 1 was at our destination, I worked on his hat while we drove south and partied at the 1st celebration. By the time our 2nd Christmas was done I had the hat finished. It was another Pengy, or Waddles Toque.

This time I used duplicate stitch to make eyes instead of sewing on buttons. I don’t know which way I like the best.

For some reason the button eyes make Pengy looks a little shifty. LOL!

G-N’s hat, Diva’s hat

I also took the yarn to make the last Great-N hat, another Cables Love Pom Poms, but it needs to be mailed with the 1st Pengy, so it’s obviously not making it by Christmas! Maybe a mid January gift would be welcome?

In sewing news I got caught up on Frolic, which is hereby named Freyja. I had half of clue 2 done and needed to cut and sew the 4th clue. Here are the pieces of all the clues I have done so far. I am working on 1/3rd of the total numbers needed to make a smaller wallhanging. Which means I am flying blind since I have no real idea about how big this will make.

Clockwise from 11:00-Clue 1, Clue 3 HSTs, Clue 2 strips, and Clue 4 HST and unsewn pieces.

I changed out the aqua from my original, I like the less bright print fabric I am subbing in better.

The lighter shade just wasn’t meshing with my blues.. But I wish the new piece wasn’t a print since all the others are tone on tones. I thought to just use the wrong side, but the right side is fairly neutral when viewed from afar.

I leave you with photos from our celebrations. Which is next to none since I suck at taking photos! LOL

Well, except for when dogs are in the picture!

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