June Recap/July Goals

2021 UFO Goal

My 2020 UFO Goal for June was the Moda Blockhead 3 blocks I made in 2020. I pieced the top in February, and put the project back on the UFO list for quilting. This month the number was 5 and Autumn Reign was in the spot, finally quilting!! I sputtered on the quilting question but finally just decided to do it.

June Goals

  1. 2021 UFO #5 Autumn Reign √
  2. Guild BOM √
  3. Quilts Plus-IrGo’s BOM √
  4. WOOFA- Spirit of America √
  5. WOOFA May-Ripples √
  6. Table Scraps-Winky Pop √
  7. Squirrel: Pandamonium √
  8. Placemats √
  9. Mug Rugs X
  10. Charity Quilt √
  11. Regina Marie Shawl X
  12. Knit Pumpkin Hat #2 /
  13. Baby Girl’s First Sweater X
  14. Extra: Christmas Baby Hat √
  15. Extra: BraGo’s BOM /
  16. Extra: Sailboat Mini /
  17. Extra: Charity Quilt /
  18. Extra: Trim Appliqué Quilt /
  19. Extra: Key Fobs √

I didn’t get to all of the items I had planned, but I’d say 15 of 19 isn’t bad at all. Now remember, some of these items were pieced in previous months and I just put the blocks together. Not all items were start to finish in this month, I ain’t that good! LOL

July Goals

  1. 2021 UFO # waiting for number
  2. Guild BOM
  3. Quilts Plus-Brago’s Quilt
  4. WOOFA-10 Pocket Travel Tote
  5. Table Scraps-Palm Leaf Applique
  6. Squirrel: ?
  7. Placemats
  8. Mug Rugs
  9. Charity Quilt
  10. Knit Baby EC’s sweater
  11. Quilt Appliqué quilt for friend
  12. Quilt Baby quilt for friends
  13. Start planning Baby EC’s quilt

Not a small list, but who knows how large it will be by the end of July. I always seem to start small!

Recaps and Linky Party!

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It’s a Smorgasbord today! Stick around for the To-Do Linky Party at the end. 

UFO 2021 Challenge
FiGo Quilts Plus BOM
Beginning Status: Blocks  End Status: Finished!


My goal for 2021 is to finish UFOs. Each month a number is drawn for us to work on. May’s number was 9, which was a BOM top for our neighbor’s toddler, FiGo. Now to get her younger siblings’ quilts done. 

May Goals:

  1. 2021 UFO #3, Willow /
  2. Guild BOM-Pineapple √
  3. 2021 UFO #9 Quilts Plus BOM √
  4. WOOFA-Ripples /
  5. Table Scraps-Star  Banner √
  6. Squirrel: Log Cabin Square /
  7. Placemats /
  8. Nug Rugs X
  9. Charity Quilts √
  10. Regina Marie Shawl X
  11. Knit Baby Yoda Hat √
  12. Extra: Lanyard √
  13. Extra: Afghan is done!!! √
  14. Extra: Little Sister’s Quilt /
  15. Extra: Orange Baby Strip Quilt √
  16. Extra: Waddles hat √
  17. Extra: Rope Basket √
  18. Extra: Wolfie Hat √
  19. Extra: Pumpkin Hat √

June Goals

  1. 2021 UFO #5 Autumn Reign
  2. Guild BOM
  3. Quilts Plus BOM Quilt-Little Sister’s 
  4. WOOFA-Buttermilk Basin America Mini
  5. Table Scraps-Winky Pop
  6. Squirrel
  7. Placemats
  8. Mug Rugs
  9. Charity Quilt
  10. Regina Marie Shawl
  11. Knit Baby Pumpkin Hat #2
  12. Baby’s First Sweater-we find out the gender!!

Let’s Party!

Last Week:

  1. WOOFA-Ripples quilting /
  2. Hair Cut √
  3. Finish piecing Wedding Quilt X
  4. Squirrel: Pumpkin Hat √
  5. May Table Scraps!!! √
  6. Rope Basket class √
  7. Extra: Orange Charity Quilt √
  8. Extra: Wolfie Hat √

This Week:

  1. UFO Challenge #5
  2. Ripples Finish
  3. Placemats
  4. Mug Rugs

My UFO #5 is Autumn Reign, so excited to get to quilting on this one. But first I have to finish quilting on Ripples, it’s so close to done. Then I need to catch up on Placemats and Mug Rugs since I dropped the ball on them in May. And who knows, another hat might be on the needles.

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Quilts For Kids/Hands 2 Help

For H2H this year I decided to donate to Quilts For Kids. The local chapter works with Riley’s Children Hospital which has multiple locations, Indianapolis and Evansville, which are places I’ve lived. Knowing my donations might comfort a child of someone I know makes it personal.

Last year a friend destashed fabrics and I was the lucky recipient. When the mood hit I would grab strips in a certain color and piece them into a top. This was the fun part, playing with color!! Her gift allowed me to finish 4 quilts, with #5 in the planning stage.

Baby Blues