Tuesday To Do

Last Week:

  1. Get started on piecing together my Moda Blockhead III blocks √
  2. Sew some of the Afghan Squares together. MUST DO THIS X
  3. Work on SAHRR 2 √
  4. Buy a new Panto to print myself √
  5. Quilt Charity Quilt #2 X
  6. Hair cut, pick up meat orders, and grab a T-shirt top a friend needs quilted √
  7. Squirrel-Log Cabin runner /
  8. Granny Square quilting √

I have to tell on myself. I SUCK at Log Cabins!! Oh, I can make them look ok, but I ALWAYS! ALWAYS! sew the logs on in the wrong direction. I made 3 the proper way, and then I went backwards on the rest. So embarrassed!

This Week:

  1. Decide on Moda Blockhead borders
  3. Keep up with SAHRR
  4. Charity Quilting
  5. Squirrel-Finish Log Cabin blocks

Thank you for all the advice on the borders for Moda. I am still working out which one I prefer, but I think I am going to start working on the pieced border and see how it goes. I really just need to knuckle down and sew those afghan pieces together! I’m ashamed how long this has drug on. 

Off to Roseanne and Sue’s party, it’s their last hosting, but don’t worry there’s some news they have to share about the future of To-Do Tuesday. 

Tuesday To Do

Last Week:

  1. Finish binding Corona √
  2. Finish sewing borders on Tater Tots √
  3. Quilt another Charity Quilt X
  4. Squirrel Hours to Ponder Pillow √
  5. Squirrel Extra +5 Sashiko Pillow √
  6. Make Round 4 of SAHRR √
  7. Knit on Regina Marie X
  8. Guild BOM Candy Hearts √
  9. Extra +4: 4 Square Mini Mat √


Lots of check marks this week!! It was a good week. Except for the no progress on the knitting! MUST KNIT MORE! 

Why yes, there is a project I snuck in there at the last minute. I give you Sashiko Pillow! 

I took a Sashiko class back in October and slowly worked my way through the stitching. I finished stitching in December, but couldn’t decide what to do with it. Pillow or table mat. Sunday I just said FINISH THE DURN THING! And I did. 

This Week:

  1. Get started on piecing together my Moda Blockhead III blocks.
  2. Sew some of the Afghan Squares together. MUST DO THIS
  3. Work on SAHRR 2
  4. Buy a new Panto to print myself
  5. Quilt Charity Quilt #2 
  6. Hair cut, pick up meat orders, and grab a T-shirt top a friend needs quilted
  7. Squirrel

I think I have about 26 Moda Blockhead III blocks made, so need to get them out to see what the status is. I don’t plan to make more, kind of lost steam and desire, so I will set these on point with setting squares to make it bigger. I have mocked up some options, man I thought I wanted to do a pieced border, but now I am thinking a striped fabric border would be awesome! And a lot less labor intensive! Which do you like best? 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?!!!

Now, I must get those afghan squares sewn together. This project is about 4 years old now. Gah!
And then work on the future rounds of my SAHRR 2, in the right order this time! LOL! 
I found out I can print Panto designs from digital files!!! Which is a bonus because my frame is just 5 feet, I don’t need traditional length Pantos!!
And what better way to test a new Panto than with another Charity top?
Today is my hair-cut-in-another-town day, so off back home for the day and additional errands to pick up a T-shirt flimsy I am quilting for a friend. ANOTHER chance to buy a Panto and try it out!!
Of course I have to include a Squirrel!

Off to Roseanne and Sue’s party, go link up your list too! 

SAHRR 2021 Week 4

Quilting Gail is back with a 2nd edition of Stay At Home Round Robin. I joined Gail last year for this fun QAL and my 2020 top is finally done, but let’s not talk about the fabric that bled onto all the cream Grunge blocks. ARGH!! 

Before the bleed, and a block that’s not supposed to be purplish! 

This week it’s Anja Quilts’ turn to clue us in. Be sure to link up your version when you get it done. Each link party will stay open until the next round.

This week we added Flying Geese, one of my favs!

EQ8 Mock Up – My Project

To make my FGs I use 4 x method. In deciding how large the next round would be I played with different block sizes in EQ8. Before adding coping strips my piece measured 14.5″. I needed to get the piece to 15.5″ to fit 3″ blocks. Remember, that .5″ is the seam allowance of the edge as you build out. So, I would need 2 Flying Geese per 3″ block. 

OK, confession time again, seems I will be doing this each week. LOL! I thought this week was a different prompt. I spent Sunday afternoon sewing the wrong blocks and adding them to my SAHRR!! Later, a note from Gail made me look at the line up. Doh! Flying Geese was the clue, not what I made. The photo below  is hiding the wrong prompt from your view. But I want you to notice the coping strips. 

I went with 3″ blocks, but at 14.5″ my project needed a bit more to fit a 15.5″ strip of blocks on the 1st side. Due to seams being shifty and cutting being less than precise, the other strip I put together was 19″, instead of the expected 18.5″. My Gold coping strips are different widths. I cut them all to 1.25″ wide and sewed them to the piece. But then I trimmed the piece to 15.75″x16″. This allowed for that slightly longer side to fit in. As you look at the photo above, is the left or top one the wider strip? Your eye really can’t tell at such a small difference. 

Tip 2 helps things fit when sewing a pieced edge with a solid edge. I normally sew the pieced edge on the bottom of the stack. When you piece borders you have STRETCH! A solid strip is fairly stable, more so on the lengthwise than widthwise of the yardage. To minimize the stretching, sew the woven strip on top of the pieced border. EXCEPT: when you have a pieced strip that is shorter than the woven strip. Then use the nature of the stretch to ease in the difference of length. 

I hope you are ready to Fly with the Geese! Just let your mind soar with all the possibilities!

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