Tuesday To-Do

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Cast on Starshower Cowl X
  2. Prep Shades of Suede for quilting July OMG X
  3. Decide on BOM layout or make more blocks: Decided to make more blocks 
  4. Make pouches for long-arm quilters who did my charity quilts
  5. Buy border fabric for Sweet Liberty, the Disappearing 9 Patch QAL

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Quilt Disappearing 9 Patch-started
  2. Knit on Ruby Red Bolero-cast-on instead of Starshower
  3. Enter items in the County Fair
  4. Wash fabric for Cabin Skein mini quilt
  5. Make Churn Dash blocks for the Mystery BOM project

I whiffed on casting on Starshower and ended up going with the Ruby Red Bolero knit I need for a sweet little babe that has joined our family. This will be a 12 month size for next summer. And the prep for Shades of Suede didn’t happen, cause I can’t decide if I am doing hand or machine quilting. I really want to do hand quilting, so I guess I know what needs to happen. I am thinking a running stitch through the diagonals of each color.

On the BOM I decided to keep going with the small blocks because the designer ended the Mystery by using vertical rows of the blocks with sashing between. Just not my style of quilts, I hate row by row. I am going to make 6 blocks each of 6 more designs and will use one of my EQ mock up layouts. This will likely entail pulling more fabric for the “grand” plans I have.

Pouches, boy did I make pouches last week!

Last week also saw the Sweet Liberty top get borders and a pieced backing.. Now to get that Sweet thing quilted so I can host the TGIFF party on Friday.

This week has a few events that will take me away from home, so my main focus when home will be quilting Sweet Liberty. So, what’s on your To-Do Tuesday?

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Tuesday To-Do

Roaseanne!!!! Sorry I forgot to post this. Taper Your Pillow Corners

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Spring Mom from Hospital
  2. Finish Midnattsol
  3. Quilt Patriotic Pop Pillow 
  4. Make Paper Pieced Stars X
  5. Knit on Wednesday 

4 of 5 isn’t bad!

This Week’s Goals:

  1. Cast on Starshower Cowl
  2. Prep Shades of Suede for quilting July OMG
  3. Decide on BOM layout or make more blocks
  4. Make pouches for long-arm quilters who did my charity quilts
  5. Buy border fabric for Disappearing 9 Patch

I am making a close duplicate of my Starshower for a friend who allowed me to throw pottery while we were in Colorado. I was wearing mine the day I was there and when I offered her a cowl she pointed straight to mine! Mine was made in MadTosh but I will no longer be purchasing that yarn, so I found a great yarn in a similar color from Sweet Georgia Yarns. It’s not as bright as in the photo.

For the lovely ladies who have done long arm quilting on charity tops I’ve made I will be making some pouches.

In the MEMEME!! category:

I am going to the past for my July OMG. In my prior quilting days I made a Trip Around the World top using sueded cottons. I just love the glow this appears to have from those golds!! This month I plan to quilt, or should I say, start quilting it, because a wild hair in me wants to hand quilt it. Over the next few days I will ponder that thought.

I have been doing a BOM since January. This month the layout was revealed, which I suspected I wouldn’t like, and I don’t. The designer finished it in rows of identical blocks. It’s OK, but not what I invested 6 months making blocks for. So I plan to continue each month until December and then next year I will determine if I am done or will forge on. At 4″ blocks there needs to be a lot for what I plan. Next up, Churn Dash!

And the last item of the week, a border has been purchased, but it’s not  quite what I was planning, so I may keep searching a bit and will see if I can find exactly what I want. If not, this works, just wanted something more “something”.

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Thursday Thoughts

If you have read my blog for any length of time in 2019 you might know that I am an avid EQMini user. Hoping to become an EQ8 user sometime soon, but I can never seem to pull the trigger to upgrade. I think “I can buy a lot of yarn/fabric/etc. at that price!”. LOL I do get by fairly well with the limited features of the Mini, so why upgrade? Well, today’s mock up tells me why!

I am making a Patriotic wallhanging with a FB group, the block looks like this:

That extra round on the basic star makes a block my EQMini doesn’t have, I have to mock it up as a 1 block quilt with borders. So I had to get creative in order to “see” my mini with sashing and borders. It was tedious making the 4 sections of the blocks with/out sashing/borders to paste them together in Pages. But I did it! LOL


I am thinking I will bind whichever with the thin stripe used in the sashing. Or in the outer border color. I guess I should have auditioned those options too? But I am not going back to try that one out. The only issue is the red has a star that would be difficult to center to make a .5″ finished border, but I could be less OCD about it and just cut the row as is. Or find a comparable red and use it.

I am also making a pillow with most of the same fabrics and need to add another round to get it to size for the pillow form. Not sure if I will bind with the stripe, blue, or red. How about another vote!! I have all day today to play in the sewing room and get the pillow top quilted while I wait to see how you gals vote. Plus, I need to go back for more fabric for the borders no matter which color I choose!

And yes, I have a preference for each poll, but I’m not telling! See if you can guess which way I’m leaning.

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