Friday FOs or Nos

Today is a mix of small FOs and a NO. Here’s the NO: I am working on a baby quilt, well, Gigi is doing all the work, LOL! It’s just shy of a finish. Sisters from my Guild asked me to quilt it. So as soon as I finish the last border it’s off to them for the binding.

I did swirls and squiggles in the sky and outlined the stars and Moon. Then I did “tree lines” on the mountains. Or I tried. Not sure they look all that much like tree lines.

The panto in the border is a free one from Urban Elementz. It’s one of my favs. Since I get the Print Your Own version of their pantos I am able to change the size of the design to suit my project. For the border I reduced the image by 25% and it was perfect for the space. I wanted to mimic the stars in the sky.

The last one is another small FO. I made a Pop Up from the Fat Quarter Shop pattern. I have wanted to make one for a long time, just never picked up the pattern or spring. Finally I grabbed one while at Wabash Valley Fabrics. It went together easily enough, but I did hand tack the circles in place on the bottom so it would be easier to sew together. Worked like a charm. Now I have a waste basket for when I sew away from home. I plan to put the hanging tab under my machine base when sewing so it will hang down to my right. 

So, what have you got to show for your crafting week? 

Friday FOs or No

Today is my turn to take over care of my sister after her knee surgery. My parents and Scientist Girl had duty from Thursday morning to today and then I will hang with the parents and sis until Monday night. Hopefully after that Mom and Dad can keep up with her and I can get back home. To keep myself occupied while away from my studio I have brought knitting. I will try to further this item to done and then start on the next Baby EC item.

This is Angel Top from One Knitwear Designs. Love her stuff! I am working on the back, knitting sideways. This is 0-6 month size. Up next, I will cast on the Isabelle Dress in the 1 year size. I have some Tahki Cotton Classic I have carried around for 20+ years!

In the FO part of the post, another Quilts Plus BOM top is quilted! This is for the neighbor’s little boy. I used a new layout the shop owner debuted when she revealed her finished tops

I took a bit of a break from the studio but I finally knuckled under and got back to it, prepping tops for quilting. And then I had to go watch Italy beat Spain in UEFA 2020.

Too much prepping going on

Finally I got the top loaded and started quilting! I am using a free panto, Starlets, from Urban Elementz.

My issue is, I cut the batting and backing toooooo close! So I was sweating the finish, trying to gently stretch the batting to cover. I stopped just past hallway on Wednesday to watch England beat Denmark!!!! Italy and England meet on Sunday, and I will be cheering on England and Harry Kane! But I shouldn’t since they beat the Germans to get into the semi-finals. I have a hierarchy to my patronage. First the Germans, then any of the British Isles countries, then any of the Norse countries, then the Slavic countries. If none of them are still in contention, I lose interest. Wait, where was I? Oh, the finish! Ta-Da!!

Hopefully BraGo will spend many snuggle times wrapped in his quilt.

June Recap/July Goals

2021 UFO Goal

My 2020 UFO Goal for June was the Moda Blockhead 3 blocks I made in 2020. I pieced the top in February, and put the project back on the UFO list for quilting. This month the number was 5 and Autumn Reign was in the spot, finally quilting!! I sputtered on the quilting question but finally just decided to do it.

June Goals

  1. 2021 UFO #5 Autumn Reign √
  2. Guild BOM √
  3. Quilts Plus-IrGo’s BOM √
  4. WOOFA- Spirit of America √
  5. WOOFA May-Ripples √
  6. Table Scraps-Winky Pop √
  7. Squirrel: Pandamonium √
  8. Placemats √
  9. Mug Rugs X
  10. Charity Quilt √
  11. Regina Marie Shawl X
  12. Knit Pumpkin Hat #2 /
  13. Baby Girl’s First Sweater X
  14. Extra: Christmas Baby Hat √
  15. Extra: BraGo’s BOM /
  16. Extra: Sailboat Mini /
  17. Extra: Charity Quilt /
  18. Extra: Trim Appliqué Quilt /
  19. Extra: Key Fobs √

I didn’t get to all of the items I had planned, but I’d say 15 of 19 isn’t bad at all. Now remember, some of these items were pieced in previous months and I just put the blocks together. Not all items were start to finish in this month, I ain’t that good! LOL

July Goals

  1. 2021 UFO # waiting for number
  2. Guild BOM
  3. Quilts Plus-Brago’s Quilt
  4. WOOFA-10 Pocket Travel Tote
  5. Table Scraps-Palm Leaf Applique
  6. Squirrel: ?
  7. Placemats
  8. Mug Rugs
  9. Charity Quilt
  10. Knit Baby EC’s sweater
  11. Quilt Appliqué quilt for friend
  12. Quilt Baby quilt for friends
  13. Start planning Baby EC’s quilt

Not a small list, but who knows how large it will be by the end of July. I always seem to start small!