Hey all. Just to let you know I am alive and kicking. On Thursday Sept 2nd I ended up in the ER. My fever wouldn’t break, and by the time it got up to 102.5 it was time to figure something out. I was having horrible stomach cramping and I could not stop belching. The fever wasn’t the issue, it was the horrible belly cramping. But the fever was a concern, so I ended up at the ER and before I left I got the Regen-Cov infusion. I went home and spent the next few hours sweating and trying to deal with the stomach issue while waiting for the meds to be ready at the drugstore.

When the temp hit 103, it was back to the ER. Where I sat for 2 hours in the LOBBY. I felt so bad for the staff, they were under water with all kinds of patients. It was a completely different place from earlier when they hardly had any rooms filled with people.

I finally called Hubster to come get me and he got me home and we started the meds for the stomach issues, the slight pneumonia, and the cough. Less than 24 hours later, I was a completely different person. I woke up with no fog and the fever was slowly coming down.

And now I am working on regaining my strength. My Mom is still in the hospital on oxygen, Hubster is over his illness after an extreme headache, and my sister’s illness has devolved into a sinus infection.

So, an explanation of how things work. My vaccinated Mom had full blown Covid, which I got a full viral load of, so I ended up with a full case of it. My vaccinated sister got a small viral load of it due to timing, after Mom’s full viral load had waned. Hubster got a small viral load of it due to my not quite infectiousness at the time we saw each other. I was the only one who spent enough time in Mom’s presence to get a full dose of the infection.

Thank you for all the well wishes and emails. I do appreciate all of them. Hopefully I will get back to sewing, knitting, and maybe even blogging.

Praise God

As of last night we are planning to get Dad into an interim care facility to get him cleared of all infections and health risks. We are also setting up a home personal care provider who is working with my Dad’s brother and our cousin. Having met some of the ladies who give them care we are so fortunate they have agreed to take us on. So a worrisome situation is now on a brighter trajectory. I was just not sure I could provide Dad the care he needs with his medical situation. And the home medical care they were setting up wouldn’t arrive until 1-2 days after I was supposed to bring him home. My greatest fear was how was I going to keep him in his bed when there would be nothing to keep him from getting out of it in the middle of the night. At the care facility they will have an alarm and side rails to keep him from getting up. Hopefully in a few weeks Mom will be over her upper respiratory illness and Dad will be further along in his PT and OT. And will have been on the Parkinson’s medicine long enough to see if there is speech and mobility improvement.

Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes! They have worked wonders.

To-Do Tuesday

My sincere apologies for the lateness of this post. Please go to Melva’s place for the link up this week.

Since I last posted my Aunt passed away and my Dad is not doing well after surgery on Sunday, so life has been hairy around here. We left Florida on Monday morning and didn’t get in until late due to traffic delays. I meant to get this post written and posted, but life had other plans. Again, I am so sorry!