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Whew, we are done! The wedding is over, the clean up was brutal, the house is fairly back to normal after the afterparty calmed down. Our guests were fed breakfast and are sent on, the happy couple are in Colorado, and we’re ready for Florida. Many tears were shed, many smiles were beaming, many hearts were filled, dances were danced, food was eaten, drinks were flowing. But most important of all were the family and friends we made memories with!

Everyone loved the decorations. Each table had 3 wine bottles with Fairy Lights in them, sitting atop my creations. Many stopped to tell me how lovely they were. And the surprised faces when I told certain guests, sitting at the table, the topper was theirs to take home was so much fun! But I must say, I am sooo glad that Behme Wedding 2.0 in July 2021 will not have quilted table toppers! LOL. For that one I plan an actual quilt, just need to stealthily determine colors and decide on a design. Her venue has an old truck they bring out for ambiance and it would be a gorgeous backdrop for a quilt. More on that later.

I sucked at getting pictures, half the evening I had no clue where my phone was! Thankfully my sister got several and the photographers were snapping away.

The hanging of the dress in the Bridal Suite. This venue has a gorgeous suite for the girls to prepare in. They ask each bride to hang her dress in the window for the photographer to get a dress shot.

The girls were prepping her feet for the shoes, me trying to get loops around buttons, and finally, all dressed and ready!

Sharing some thoughts, dancing the first dance, having fun with photos!

While we close the door on this wedding, we ramp up the planning for the next wedding, July 24th, 2021! The happily engaged couple!

Diva and CarGuy

Those are the only “designs” I have on my wall today! Well, except this case I made Diva for bobby pins and pony holders.

Cork and snaps, Easy Peasy

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Monday Making

Monday Design Wall

5 days until the wedding!!! Am I ready? Maybe? So why did I veer off after a few squirrels? Who knows, it’s just my MO! But they were fun!!


I picked up 2 block kits when I went south to get a hair cut a few months ago. Stopped in at The Stitching Post to drop a friend off before heading to my niece’s. It was there I picked up a block kit called Album Road and a Buttermilk Basin Cotton Club block #1205 December, which isn’t listed at their site?


After finishing my wedding sewing I was at a loss. Early Thursday morning I grabbed the Album Road kit, I thought I would just sew the block up and think about what to do with it. It didn’t even get finished before I thought to make a pillow with it. So I put a thin burgundy border around the block before adding a wide background border, since I happened to have 2 FQ’s of the same print! I pulled fabric out of the stash to piece a back, fingers crossed the pre-washed back doesn’t mess up my non pre-washed front too much!

I bought a Baptist Fan stencil to use for my July UFO and thought it might work with this piece. I marked it and got it quilted later Thursday evening. By Friday night I had the burgundy binding tacked and it’s ready for display! A fun and quick block, it does have a partial seam when you make Flying Geese in place of HSTs, but I prefer real FG to HST FG.


I actually went with a topper instead of a pillow. I didn’t want to make my normally very involved pillow back. Plus, it fits perfectly on this little desk.

Friday during the day I was busy piecing this beauty!

Hm, wait, something doesn’t seem quite right


I cut 1.5″ strips 6.5″ wide to piece together to make sub sets. Then I cut 1.5″ strips from them to make the block components. Much easier than cutting umpteen 1.5″ blocks and sewing them together. I was quite pleased I only sewed 1 seam wrong!

Finally it was pieced and borders added for a fun flimsy!


I played around with EQ8 to come up with quilting motifs, and think I just might have a winner!

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Monday Design Wall


I used my EQ8 program to test out the method and used the Foundation Paper option to print my foundations on June Tailor Foundation Piecing papers. This WAS SOO EASY!!!

I can’t believe I let each step scare me so. Once I did the first step, the next step just seemed to flow until I had them all assembled and it was time for quilting. And you know how that throws me for a loop. But from the start I knew I would do a cross-hatch in the centers, and do 1/4″ stitching in the arcs. The melons? They weren’t set until I thought, why not do the cross-hatch there too. So I did! And I just worked through the areas, quilting an arc, a center, a few melons, until that last melon above was the last area to quilt!

And now it’s DONE!!

The ones on my dining room table are unwashed, the one on the bed is post-washed. It went from 59″x15″ to 53″x13″. And also from a very waffly top to a VERY flat table runner!!! I can’t believe I made this thing! Now I want to make a bunch more!!! LOL

A runner for me and a baby quilt? It could happen!

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