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Sunday Report

Sewing Stats
Fabric In: +14.75 yards
Fabric Out: -3.25 yards
Net Fabric: +11.50 yards
Fabric YTD: +56.14 yards
Spending YTD: $2184.96


In: Lots of stuff!!! This is a just a small sampling.

Out: EC’s baby quilt just needs a small inner border and a larger outer border. I need to get yardage of the Cider by Moda line. Block of the Month for Guild, tree and Santa paper pieced blocks.

I enjoyed my time away on a Quilting Retreat with my guild. The above photos aren’t all I got up to, but 1 item is a secret sewing, Round Robin for 2022, one I forgot to get a photo of, and the 3rd items isn’t far along.

Knitting Stats
Last Week: 54,834 yards/287 skeins
Knitted: 0 yards/0 skeins
Purchased: 98 yards/1 skeins
Ending Stash: 54,932 yards/287 skeins
Spending YTD: $98.68

No purchase, just a mistake in my accounting.

I haven’t knitted anymore on the EC’s dress since I don’t remember when!

Update: Diva is likely going to have to just stay put. She was up too much and things started up again. She is going to check with the Dr on Thursday to see if there is a med to help relieve the cramping and discomfort. But baby is AOK! My Mom is out of the hospital, on no oxygen and getting better every day. My Dad has a return of C-Diff and a UTI. It’s a never ending cycle. I am better and just getting a twice a day dose of steroid inhaler for my lungs. But my sat is up to 97%, so PTL!!! Thank you again for all the prayers. We so appreciate them.

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We just need a break

Seems that life is determined to keep us on our toes. Over the past month we have seen death and illness visit our family, a little too much I am afraid on the illness. But we are all mending and getting better. My Mom should be released from the hospital by tomorrow. However, another family member is now in the hospital and we aren’t sure if 1 or 2 will leave from this event.

Diva is in premature labor. She is at 29 weeks and we just need the labor to stop so Baby EC can cook a little longer. Well, 2 more months would be preferable. The issue is, her Dr thinks Diva will go home by Monday, I guess she is sure they will stop the contractions. The NICU Drs think baby will make an appearance over the next few days and will then be in the NICU for at least 2 months, with help at first for oxygen and feeding. Our neighbors, who work in the health fields, think we need to push for the NICU Dr’s version, just because the last thing we want is for Diva to go home and have no idea of possible issues that might arise. Or just to end up back at the ER within a short period of time. If she just stays put they are ready come what may. So pray that baby and momma will be OK and the Drs attentive to the situation at hand. And for the contractions to subside for now.

To try and take my mind off of things I finished my guild’s #10 Challenge. Our challenge this year was in concert with our guild’s 10th Anniversary. So the challenge was to take the #10 and interpret it anyway you pleased, since our motto for the year is “Anything goes”. This is what I “goed” with.

10 main colors and then their overlapping shades. My thoughts are, the guild is made up of all shades and colors. Sometimes we overlap and a softer shade is created, sometimes the mix wasn’t quite so calm? But in all things we blend from one side to the other and the end result is a gorgeous display of color!

So, what do you think? Did I nail it?

For now I am focusing on Baby EC and momma while I knit on a dress for baby. I am knitting prayers into this little dress, who knows when she will be big enough to wear it, but it’s going to be ready when she is! God willing.

And we also need prayers for Diva’s in-laws. Her SIL’s husband may be at the end of his battle with cancer. They have 3 kids who will be devastated. Her other SIL has a little one who was born with water on the brain, and they think his brain isn’t processing what his eyes see. He isn’t blind, just not able to make sense of what he sees. It seems to be pouring in our world right now. Thank you for any positive vibes/prayers/thoughts you can send our way.

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Tuesday To Do

Last Week:

  1. Decide on Moda Blockhead borders X
  3. Keep up with SAHRR √
  4. Charity Quilting √
  5. Squirrel-Finish Log Cabin blocks √
  6. Extra: Guild BOM √
  7. Extra: Quilts Plus BOMs √
  8. Extra: Finish binding on Granny Peacock √

So, no decision on the Blockhead border, no afghan squares sewn together. But I did keep up with the SAHRR, quilted a Charity Top, and put those Log Cabin blocks together. Plus, I put together some BOM blocks. And my Granny Peacock is done!! But no reveal until TGIFF on Friday, which I am hosting. 

This Week:

  1. Start quilting on a T-shirt top
  2. Squirrel-a pouch is percolating
  3. Footnote start
  4. Afghan Squares, MUST PUT THEM TOGETHER!!
  5. Keep up with SAHRR

T-shirt, Footnote, SAHRR

We were supposed to be sewing at our Bee today, but the Snowmageddon put paid to that idea. During the height of it Monday night Diva’s car stopped moving on a 4 LANE INTERSTATE! She was in the clearest lane, which was the Left Lane! Thankfully State Police were able to block traffic coming up behind her and AAA sent an emergency tow truck out since she was blocking a highway. She was frantic when she called us. She now has my car for her journey to work today, if she even goes in. 

As of 9:30 pm Monday night.

Since it’s a “snow day” I am going to try and get that T-Shirt quilt going on my mid-arm. On my 5 foot frame this job will be a bear! I was going to use a Panto, but that might be tricky due to the size. FMQ designs in each block will be the plan, maybe some ruler work. I need to determine my path and decide what to quilt in the sashing. Why did I take on this job!!! I should have asked how big before I said yes. LOL! Well, what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger. 

Today is also my first week hosting the Tuesday To-Do Link Party. Please post your projects and visit the links to see what everyone is planning To-Do. One of the links will be randomly chosen for a prize! Winner announced next Tuesday. 

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

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Friday FO!

So here we are, another week, another FO? Absolutely! This one was easy because I didn’t have to piece it. It’s a charity top I quilted for a guild friend. She is such a fun gal, and whips out the tops at a fast rate. This is the 2nd one I have done for her, they are similar styles and fabrics. 

Charity Top #1

Charity Top #2

I tried a different way of loading this top. I took off the “leader” tube I made for the back bar and pinned the back and batting to it and then slipped it back on the back bar. Then I laid the front on top of it and tacked it with safety pins while I smoothed everything and clamped it to the belly bar.

I sewed the edges down around the sides and top to secure it. But I didn’t baste it before putting it on the frame. I’ve was able to keep it straight and aligned. 

I got a new panto, so of course I had to try it! It’s called Amethyst, which is very apropos for February! It’s obvious I am not adept at curves, I was very wonky at the start, on left, getting better, on the right. But nothing like the panto! 

I had an issue with some thread breakage on this one, I am wondering if the stiff back had anything to do with it. It felt like a cheap sheet set, but it was yardage. Oh well, it’s not my preference for backing. And I had a horrible bird’s nest that had to be ripped out, which I found long after I had passed that row! So I had to rip and resew. But finally it was done. 

So now, what’s next for Gigi! Hmm, not sure, I need to see what’s ready for quilting. I believe it will be a trio of table runners. Easier to just load them all on a back and knock them out. 

Don’t forget to come back Monday for the 6th week of SAHRR 2021! There will be another prompt and a link party for you to share your progress.

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Peacock Party
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Whatever Wednesday

I was in the sewing room this week, working on that Tuesday To-Do list, when I decided that I could wait no longer and must make the Guild BOM! This month it’s a Night and Day block, and it was so much fun!

I was very intentional in the pressing direction so that all my seams would nest well. Very pleased with the finished block. I think I am finally in tune with my machine and foot set up for a good scant 1/4″ seam allowance. This month’s block yielded 8 triangle pieces, so who knows what I might need to use those to make! LOL! So far not another pillow like last time I posted on Whatever Wednesday!

In other sewing, I got my mini log cabin blocks done and sewed them into a table runner, measuring about 9.5″x36.5″. Haven’t approached the quilting yet, so if you have any ideas, shoot them my way!

I auditioned layouts with 2 Guild friends and each one chose the opposite light/dark arrangements. I told them they were no help! LOL! Then I asked Hubster to break the tie and he voted “present”. Argh! So I just had to take my decision into my own hands. As I looked back and forth between the two, the dark outer placement just spoke to me. I guess because it contained the light. With them turned the other way, it felt like there was no frame. Even though there would have ultimately been a binding to frame it, it just seems too free, if that makes sense.

So now the push is on to get another quilt on the frame, this time a charity top I will use with a new panto design. I hope my swirling action will improve with each pass of this design. Maybe someday I can advance to FMQ smooth curls? I am also going to try just pinning the top of the layers to my “leader” and then clamping the other layers on the belly bar. I doubt I can do this effectively with larger pieces, but it should work with this top. At least I hope it does?

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